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Colour choice

Discussion in 'Olympus Chat' started by IvorETower, Feb 14, 2021.

  1. IvorETower

    IvorETower Little Buttercup

    A bit random, I know, but this forum seems to be almost extinct and I'm trying to revive it..... Can anyone explain why there is currently almost £200 in difference between the asking price for an all-black version of the E-M10 mark iv and the silver/black version? Ref Amazon UK, difference is in favour of the all black version with a near 50% premium required for silver/black (which IMHO) does look a lot better, but not £200 better
  2. RovingMike

    RovingMike Crucifixion's a doddle...

    Puzzles me too. I'm sure someone will say volumes, but in the past it has been said the silvers were more popular. In olden days, black used to cost a little more, but not by much.
  3. dangie

    dangie Senior Knobhead

    Is there a £200 difference at other Photographic Retailers or just Amazon?
    Amazon prices are often a little bewildering.
  4. RogerMac

    RogerMac Well-Known Member

    Old fashioned dock up?
  5. IvorETower

    IvorETower Little Buttercup

    Just at Amazon, making the all black version significantly less expensive than anywhere else
  6. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    Either it is a mistake or someone wants to shift some. At beginning of lockdown last year I wanted a GPS bike computer and found an Edge 1030 at £299, everywhere else ~£499 or thereabouts, at Halfords online. No real competition reason to knock £200 off, £50 off would have been a market leading price. I can only imagine it was a “computer says stock isn’t shifting, we need the shelf space” kind of decision.
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  7. GeoffR

    GeoffR Well-Known Member

    I remember that a Black OM1 was more expensive than a chrome one. Now almost all cameras are Black and Amazon want a premium the other way.
  8. SXH

    SXH Well-Known Member

    As was the Pentax MX.

    Fuji have compromised and some of their models are available in 'Dark Silver'...
  9. IvorETower

    IvorETower Little Buttercup

    Looks like it was some sort of weird automatic price alteration. Amazon's prices have risen, significantly in the case of the all black model, over the past 2 days

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