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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by nicxx, Mar 1, 2003.

  1. nicxx

    nicxx Well-Known Member

    You have given me a serious problem!

    This lens is just soooo sexy I daren't even use it! I am terrified of breaking it or losing it or buggering it up in some way! It is sooooo gorgeous and baby is it big. My boyfriend is jealous.

  2. Clive

    Clive Well-Known Member

    Size doesn't matter, Nicola - it's how you use it that counts (but it is rather big!). So take it outside and give it a whirl /img/wwwthreads/smile.gif and tell your boyfriend it can't make the tea or cut the grass. Glad you are impressed!

    PS - and don't be frightened or intimidated by it - It's built like a sh*thouse.

    I took this with your lens - about 1/20th of the negative:

  3. nicxx

    nicxx Well-Known Member

    Oh Clive does size matter *sigh* Men always say it doesn't, but that's only the ones who haven't tried:)

    The boyfriend cannot cut grass or make tea, so I have to find some use for him...

    The picture - you are a man who has tried then?! Or is it a self portrait?

    I'm not sure I'd get the lens through the door if I took it to a gig.

    This is why I'm scared of using it. Gigs are not gentle places!

  4. Clive

    Clive Well-Known Member

    It's a classic gig lens, Nicola - great in the mosh pit. But I'm not a ck man - more backwards Y-fronts: just to prove it wasn't me:

  5. nicxx

    nicxx Well-Known Member

    Crikey. Now that surprised me. Do you know them?

  6. Clive

    Clive Well-Known Member

    Never seen them before or since, Nicola. But the guy on the left spotted me taking the shot and I thought he might hit me with his belly so I made a quick exit /img/wwwthreads/smile.gif

  7. huwevans

    huwevans Not Really Here

    I wonder what he would think if he knew that his belly and underpants were regularly published on the internet? :)

    Huw Evans.
  8. Clive

    Clive Well-Known Member

    Well I'm not going to seek him out to find out! Only problem is I took the shot in this village. I hope he doesn't take up photography. But I'll tell you something else - when he saw me taking the shot - he pulled his stomach in!!/img/wwwthreads/smile.gif
  9. Bazzac

    Bazzac Well-Known Member

    You mean you didn't get him to sign a model release form?

  10. Lounge_Lizard

    Lounge_Lizard Well-Known Member


    A lens like that commands respect. It tells people that you are a serious photographer, maybe even a pro. People get out of your way.

    It's amazing when I got out with a big white L lens on my camera - people actually make room for me.

  11. nicxx

    nicxx Well-Known Member

    's true. Even before I had these lenses, people got out of my way a fair amount just cos I didnt have a compact!

  12. BigWill

    BigWill Gorgeous oversensitive Nikon-loving cream puff

    People get out of my way even when I don't have a camera! I really will have to do something about my B.O. problem! /img/wwwthreads/smile.gif


    Big(Pepe le Pew!)Will

    <font color=blue>I'm sailing like a driftwood on a windy bay!<font color=black>

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