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Chrulaiste, first snow of the winter.

Discussion in 'Appraisal Gallery' started by Helander, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. Helander

    Helander Well-Known Member

    This was last weekend in Glencoe, missed the best of the snow by a day.
    Had a particular sunrise shot in mind so after a real early start and an ascent of Chrulaiste in the dark I made the summit 1/2 hour before sunrise.
    The particular shot didn't work out due to a big bank of cloud in the west killing any colour so went for a wander around the summit to kill time and enjoy the views and warmth of the early morning sun.
    This is probably the pick of the bunch, a frozen bog on the summit plateau with The Buachaille in the background.
    All comments and crit welcome.
    Thanks for looking.


    Larger version can be seen here
  2. Cersei

    Cersei Well-Known Member

    I feel you :) I did same thing today, walked for 2 hours and only got 2 acceptable shots. But this is a part of pleasure, looking for a right shot trying again and again. I do love it, I was thinking what if you cropped bit of the right side? put your hand on it and see if you think it works better
  3. Helander

    Helander Well-Known Member

    Thank you.
    Hadn't really considered a crop off the right as it cuts into the shadow on the edge of the frame too much. I like to give everything its own space, was a bit miffed I didn't give the shadow more room but didn't notice till I got home. It's too close to the edge as it is so the crop doesn't work for me.
    Thanks though.
  4. Roger Hicks

    Roger Hicks Well-Known Member

    Phew! VERY nice shot, but equally, there are no Brownie points for how damnably difficult it was to shoot. I'd stick with the crop you have, for the shadows and shapes, even though it's a tiny bit too "letterbox" for my taste.


  5. luisport

    luisport Well-Known Member

    Leave it as it is. Just if I were to be too picky from what I have learned from you guys (thank you for your bitter - sweet but eye educating input) I would crop the tiny hole in the clouds to the left and I would like to see the shadow end of the mid pile of snow covered rock.
    I love it even if you don't.
  6. Helander

    Helander Well-Known Member

    Good spot on the cloud Luis. That shadow on the right hand edge does annoy me.
    Think I'll clone the end of the shadow out and sort the hole in the cloud just to tidy it up.
  7. Jefffers

    Jefffers Well-Known Member

    A gorgeous image - I can feel the cold nipping at the ears and feel the crunch of the crisp snow underfoot - time for a pause and some hot coffee out of the flask!
    Hard to find anything to change - perhaps I would consider a a slight crop off the bottom ( even more letter box shaped!) -say to the bottom of the nearest of the two little snow/ice bumps - just to remove a little of the bland foreground ice, but really that's being very picky.
    Keep them coming - they are a delight for all to view and bring back memories to me in particular, of many hill walks on and around the Ben in conditions like this.

  8. dachs

    dachs Well-Known Member

    I never disagree with Luisport but here my eyesight fails as to what he means, it is a pow shot as is.

    again, we face what would be a ten foot print compared to the screen, meantime, this'll do!!
  9. lfc1892

    lfc1892 Well-Known Member

    Nice shot. But I'd have been tempted to have moved a step or two to the right to get that central bump more to the left. My eye is drawn to it at the moment.
  10. Craig20264

    Craig20264 Well-Known Member

    Nicely done for me. I can almost smell the crisp, clean air. (Although you can keep the snow north of the border please :))
    Nice light, nicely exposed.
  11. Helander

    Helander Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I agree but placement was limited after gingerly treading over the bog using the tripod to prod the ice to stand on one such 'island'.
  12. dachs

    dachs Well-Known Member

    I also agree but I prefer not to hear the mountain rescue team call out! Have just re-read your account at the top, and if anyone ever deserved a reward for effort....

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