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cheap&good lightmeter?

Discussion in 'Help Team' started by Lusty, Jun 5, 2005.

  1. Lusty

    Lusty Active Member

    Hello, its me again! I am buying equipment for use in portraits and glamor style photography in studio and outdoors and am looking for a good lightmeter to go along with everything else that I have. I currently have a cannon a1 which is very good with its auto exposure, but I'm looking to get a handheld lightmeter to help me in some situations. Can someone recommend any? If you have a lightmeter and lighting combo thats works well i'll like to know about it. Thanks!
  2. taxor

    taxor Well-Known Member

    Gossen make excellent meters, but then again, so do Minolta, Sekonic etc. I've heard recommendations for Polaris meters as well. I would strongly suggest getting one that has an incident light reading capability. For studio use I'm reckoning you'd be needing a meter that can take flash readings also. Personally, I use a Gossen Profisix. It doesn't have a built-in flash capability, but you can get attachments that enable it to function as a flash meter. For the moment, I would avoid spotmeters. TAXOR
  3. SamsSauce

    SamsSauce In the Stop Bath

    I would suggest you look for the Sekonic L308B which is a small handheld meter which offers 'ordinary', Incident and Flash meter-readings. The Flash can be set up to give readings either with or without a sync cable, [You have 60>90 secs to get meter into postion and then back to flashgun to fire it manually to get the reading.] ASA range is 3> 8000ASA. The results are pretty good, and you've got to spend at least double to get something better

    I currently use Minolta's Flashmeter V which also offers Ambiant and Flash meter readings, can automatically compute the exposure for situations where flash and daylight is being used. This meter can also give you spot-meter readings and the facility of computing the average of a number of different meter readings.

    Unless you desperately NEED these additional features, the Sekonic L308B will more than fit your needs, and is a darn sight more compact!

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