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Cheap a100 if you don't mind silver

Discussion in 'Sony Chat' started by matty, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. matty

    matty Member

    Search here all the time for info and thought I would share this deal I found on the ukhotdeals website:

    http://www.argos.co.uk/... ...ny.Sony>C%24cip%3D50498.Digital%2Bcameras.htm

    Good deal for any people thinking of getting an Alpha and it includes lens. Strangely £150 less than the black version.
  2. ChrisBrookes

    ChrisBrookes Well-Known Member

    I think your link does not work properly so here it is again, though I have to say I prefer black cameras personally silver sony 350 quid
  3. Gordon_McGeachie

    Gordon_McGeachie In the Stop Bath

    Thats a bargain price........
  4. fabs

    fabs Well-Known Member

    I'd go along with that. I was offered the silver when I bought mine, but for £50 EXTRA!

    I thought, why would I want to pay extra for a colour I don't want?

    Still, if you're on a budget and you're not too bothered about colour, this is great value! :cool: :cool:
  5. Gordon_McGeachie

    Gordon_McGeachie In the Stop Bath

    WHE currently have it on at £449 for the kit but the body is Black.

    Then again, does it really matter what colour the body is as long as it works.......?
  6. El_Sid

    El_Sid Well-Known Member

    Technically no................but somehow the silver versions always look so cheesy......

    I've yet to see a silver/chrome plastic camera where the finish looks even vaguely close to a properly chromed metal camera......
  7. ROY_H

    ROY_H New Member

    I seem to remember this as a Jessops special. Supposedly exclusive to them.
    Perhaps they're having to off-load stock!!
  8. arthurb

    arthurb Well-Known Member

    Undeniably true Nigel, they are decidedly naff (be a shame to have one in use next to my XD7s - bit like an Aspreys necklace next to something off the QVC channel), but as it is just about the best bargain I've seen for some time I've ordered one to pick up from my local store. Let's hope the stock is not too old and they are thus a bit suspect. I think Roy_H is right, they were a Jessops item and with their problems they needed cash fast.

    As Marc said, for someone on a budget (and I really am), it is too good to miss, and yes Gordon as long as it works....

    I had decided on going digital with the K10D but it was too big and heavy for me (I get a bit of pain in my hands and wrists) and the total likely spend over the next couple of years frightened me. Shame - it's a first-class camera.

    But the A100...
    'orrible looking, very average lens (18-70 kit), noisy (shutter and AF - and AF pretty average too), but...
    ... at £350!

    I am hoping to use some of my MD lenses with the Haoda adapter (approx $150 + p&p from US); the 50/1.4 85/2 and 135/2.8 should go to 92/155/245 with reduced max aperture. This should delay any immediate big expenditure on lenses, and I will still use film of course. I hope to get one in a couple of months or so, and will put my experiences in these columns if so.

    Anyone selling a mint Zeiss 16-80 for £100? ... £200 ...
  9. fabs

    fabs Well-Known Member

    I'd have to dispute that! It looks pretty much like any other DSLR, the kit lens is as good as any other kit lens and suits me very well, and the shutter and AF... Ok I'll give you that, but unless you're shooting in a library or at a funeral, doesn't really matter that much! ;)
  10. ChrisBrookes

    ChrisBrookes Well-Known Member

    I just have to say regarding noisy shutter and AF it does affect me when I am trying to shoot birds and insects , noisy and slow AF does my head in, I want a lottery win to change to a quieter camera, or perhaps the two new sony's will be quieter ?? We shall see ! (I hope !)
  11. arthurb

    arthurb Well-Known Member

    er... we are talking about the silver A100 here, and while it is no more naff than silver Canons (350D?) it sure as hell is not good; nothing like as good as in black.

    As to the shutter and AF noise (and perhaps slowish AF), I agree with Chris Brookes, it can be a problem. But then again it's not the end of the world.

    As to the lens, some reviews have been hard on it and a friend reckons it is 'soft and slow'. But then again it is perfectly adequate and the focal length range is excellent; basically it's good value for money.

    There are many things I would have liked the A100 to have, a second command dial at the top of the list, plus a RAW button like the K10D and a dedicated WB button (unless I've missed something - that would be nothing new). But it handles well (as Minoltas usually did), and there are many, many things I like, especially the DoF preview button. Some reviewers thought it awkward, but I think it is in the right place (reminds me of the SRTs) if a touch small.

    So, I am looking forward to the new arrival (hope nothing goes wrong), and I really would never suggest that the A100 was not a good camera: it is, and a current prices it's a real bargain.
  12. Gordon_McGeachie

    Gordon_McGeachie In the Stop Bath

    If you use a long enough lens when shooting birds,then noise from the shutter firing should not really be a problem.

    Or am I missing something here?

    I get plenty of bird pictures using my 400 mm Sigma and the noise from my shutter (Dynax7d) does not seem to upset them
  13. El_Sid

    El_Sid Well-Known Member

    [pedant] It's the mirror that goes clatter, bang, rattle...[/pedant] ;)
  14. arthurb

    arthurb Well-Known Member

    As someone who is often accused of being a Grand-Master Pedant, especially on the subjects close to my heart (photography, hi-fi, computers and history - definitely history), I sincerely and warmly applaud the precision of your observation.

    Actually, I have a serious point here: if, as you say, it is the mirror that is responsible for the noise, does that have any implications for long-term reliability? The mirror assembly should be a lot heavier than the shutter, and if not well-damped could cause problems. Was this a problem with the Minolta models?
  15. ChrisBrookes

    ChrisBrookes Well-Known Member

    Re lens lengths and noise , I only have a 300mm lens at its longest, and I just refer to the fact that even from quite a distance away in quiet environments the shutter noise and AF (if I am using it) do startle creatures I am trying to photograph, I would love to be able to afford a 400mm or 500mm (zoom) lens (well I should say that if my girlfriend said I could afford a new lens ! I have to finish the kitchen off before any more major photographic purchases !)
  16. fabs

    fabs Well-Known Member

    Oops! Forgot we were talking about the Silver! Agreed, black is best.

    Personally, I don't find where the WB is to be a problem and am not too sure as to the advantage of a second command dial, the A100 is my first SLR.
  17. fabs

    fabs Well-Known Member

    Not really into birds and insects, but I can see how it could be an issue. I suppose you could always use a longer lens?
  18. El_Sid

    El_Sid Well-Known Member


    The mirror is by far the noisiest part of the sequence. If your camera has a mirror lock mode try taking a picture with the mirror up..... you'll be amazed at how quiet it becomes.

    To the best of my knowledge I don't think mirror reliability has ever been especially problematical with Minolta any more than with other makers. I think you'll find several regulars from the Minolta forum are running Minoltas of various ages without major hassle. Personally I have several veteran Nikons that have yet to give a problem mirror wise (other than having the damping foam replaced due to old age) and I doubt Minoltas are any worse. Whether the modern camera units are quite as good is harder to say but as regards longevity I'd suspect the digital models will expire or become unusable for other reasons rather than for mirror failure...
  19. Gordon_McGeachie

    Gordon_McGeachie In the Stop Bath

    I actually bought my (limited editon silver/grey)400 f5.6 fixed lens for £240 about 16 years ago in the days when I had a Minolta 7000i, it worked great with my 7xi and now my Dynax 7d. These regularly go for about £150 on Ebay so you may get a bargain there
  20. Steve52

    Steve52 Well-Known Member

    I actually got my Sigma 170-500mm F5-6.3 APO for £280 + pp on e-bay.

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