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Charity shops as a source

Discussion in 'Everything Film' started by Eye Robot, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. Eye Robot

    Eye Robot Well-Known Member

    I'm wondering if anyone looks at Charity Shops for old cameras etc?

    This morning in one shop was (details vague, I was in a hurry):
    Canon 135 rangefinder camera + lens (weighs a ton)
    Case + 2 Yashica lenses possibly 35 mm
    Mamiya? twin lens reflex + case (small format 135?)
    Standard price was either £3 each or less.

    I'm not particularly interested in this sort of thing, but if anyone is it is surely AP readers. There's no guarantee any of this is fit for purpose, but for a few quid ...
  2. nimbus

    nimbus Well-Known Member

    Charity shops vary greatly in their prices for many items, camera equipment seems particularly so. One shop locally asks eye-watering figures and seems to get them, prices equal to a photographic dealer who will provide a guarantee. Others sell them at giveaway prices. Items do need to be checked though as the staff usually have no knowledge of this kind of thing.
  3. surf_digby

    surf_digby Well-Known Member

    I often have a rummage through to see what's in them. I picked up my Brownie 127 from a charity shop, along with an M42 300mm lens and various other bits and bobs.

    My local RSPCA shop has a shelf full of 35mm and APS compacts, and gets the occassional SLR in too. It's no more a gamble as to bargain hunting on eBay.
  4. rjbell

    rjbell Well-Known Member

    Is that Canon 135 rangefinder still there i want it!
  5. Bob Maddison

    Bob Maddison Well-Known Member

    It is worth while looking at the Oxfam Web Site. A couple of years ago Oxfam made an appeal for unwanted photo gear and binoculars etc. Many of the more expensive items handed in to a local shop are held there for a few weeks and then moved to a central warehouse for redistribution to a shop specialising in that item. However, they are listed on the central web site. Although often not cheap, they still represent excellent value for money.

    A few years ago I bought an Olympus OM10 kit from a Charity Shop (not Oxfam). This included several lenses, flash etc and a camera bag. They assured me that it has been valued by a someone from a nearby Jessops, nevertheless at £18 it was cheap! I took it into a different Jessops and was offered £80 or even more if I did a P.E. (those were the days when Jessops took in second hand equipment). Next time I was near that Charity shop I gave them half the difference - I have no wish to profit from any charity! They were most grateful.
  6. frank1

    frank1 Well-Known Member

    Well done and good on ya mate.
  7. swanseadave

    swanseadave Well-Known Member

    Much to my wife`s annoyance I regularly trawl the local charity shops of which there are many.You just never know!

    Not a charity shop but this morning in Cash Generator:A Nikon D50 B/O £199,Sony A300/18-70 £299 and a Sony A350 £249.Bit of a gamble since the warranty offered is just a couple of weeks.Also numerous film and digi compacts.
  8. RogerMac

    RogerMac Well-Known Member

    The Oxfam on line shop has an Oly OM10 (£55) at the moment which might be of interest to somebody. Unfortunately I think I may not have enough room for another camera

  9. swanseadave

    swanseadave Well-Known Member

    And this for £14.99.it used floppies as the recording medium IIRC.
    More of curiosity than practical use.I don`t have a floppy disc drive now.

    Lots of cameras on there,many realistically priced but many not.
  10. nimbus

    nimbus Well-Known Member

    I would not regard any of the above as being especially good buys, in particular the Nikon D50, this is certainly not worth that amount. I have had a couple of decent buys from Cash Converters, the guarantee is long enough for any faults to be discovered.
  11. gray1720

    gray1720 Well-Known Member

    Charity shops here in Oxford are a bit of a loss when it comes to bargains as Oxfam have a camera chappy and run quarterly sales - though they've all been expected, greatly reducing the risk of getting a clunker. A number of the other shops use his services too, so it's harder to find a bargain, but better for the charity. Good for the karma, I reckon.

    Oxfam in Gerrards Cross apparently specialises in cameras, if anyone is local.

    What bugs me is that since I decided I needed another one to make a stereo rig with, I've not seen a single Oly Trip 35 at the prices I paid for my first two, a grand total of £4.50 the pair! Foolishly gave away one before I twigged the stereo potential of two automatic exposure cameras together...

  12. swanseadave

    swanseadave Well-Known Member

    I thought the same re the Nikon.It looked well used too.I started my Minolta/Sony kit with a Dynax from there.
  13. rjbell

    rjbell Well-Known Member

    D50 £200 is hardly a bargain. Stay clear of cash gen. I bought a voigtander bessamatic on friday at my camera club auction. Its beautiful 50yrs old and looks as good a new. Built in Germany. I had of the brand before and new they still made quality lenses for leica mounts so though it was worth the punt. I'm going to get an adapter to use the lens on my NEX. I think car boots sales in the summer could be the best place for finding little gems get there first thing mind.
  14. Bob Maddison

    Bob Maddison Well-Known Member

    Saw a couple of "leica's" this morning at a car boot at £225 each. Model unidentified, one marked as "Luftwaffe". Looking carefully two of us agreed that neither was genuine but a more recent copy.

  15. Wheelu

    Wheelu Well-Known Member

    They used to be a good source of reasonably priced film gear, but the supply appears to have largely dried up. On asking about this at one of the major players, I was told that they sell the better items on Ebay. Best of luck to them I guess.

    I have managed to buy a couple of bargains at an antiques fair. They must have been a peripheral item for the dealer concerned, and they were the only cameras that I saw that day. On expressing only mild interest and about to walk away, the price plummeted to a level that motivated me to buy. :)
  16. nimbus

    nimbus Well-Known Member

    The Voigtlander name is actually owned by Cosina of Japan now, who produce and market both cameras and lenses with this branding, these are made in Japan, not Germany. They are however good quality.

    Car boot sales, in this area anyway, yield little camera equipment, and what is there is either kaput, overpriced, or both. A seller at a sale in this area was asking £100 for a battered non-working Pentax S1a last year! However there were plenty of Donnie Darko dvds.

    With regard to Cash Converters and Cash Generator I would not agree with you that they are to be avoided, treated with caution yes. At one point last year a local branch has a Nikon SB600 flash priced at £199, the same kind of price that a two minute further walk along the street would have bought a brand new example from Jacobs. I have however had, and seen a few bargains there.
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2012
  17. Benchista

    Benchista Which Tyler

    The Voigtlander brand has passed through several hands since the days of the Bessamatic. Rollei owned it for a while, and produced cameras in Singapore, and lenses for them that were mostly made by Mamiya - and were decent enough. The brand then was used as an own-brand for a German photographic chain - these are budget lenses worth avoiding. Finally, there are the Cosina-made rangefinder and SLR lenses that are excellent, especially for the money. None have any connection with the "real" Voigtlanders of old.
  18. Oly_Man

    Oly_Man Well-Known Member

    Charity shops seem to be hit and miss for many things.
    Unrelated to photography, one of my local shops wanted £46 for a single of the Beatles' Love Me Do, black label so a later re-press, in an aftermarket white paper sleeve. Err, right. Good luck with that!
    For all that they exist for a sterling purpose, their prices sometimes can be a bit salty when you think most of their stock has been donated.
  19. spinno

    spinno Well-Known Member

    Best one I saw was a Minolta 404 for a tenner, or Praktica BMS no winder for the same price....
  20. 0lybacker

    0lybacker In the Stop Bath

    Were not the Singapore lenses made in association with Zeiss before they ducked out for their tie up with Kyocera? And do not the modern rangefinder lenses have a bit more association with Voigtlander of old than just the luvverly names? :)

    Heliar or Nokton anyone? :D

    Almost worth the price to have that writ around the fronty-bit! :cool:

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