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Centon Flashguns

Discussion in 'General Equipment Chat & Advice' started by XIII, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. XIII

    XIII New Member

    Does anybody have any experience or views on Centon Flashguns.

    I am looking to buy a new flashgun for my EOS30 as my current one (about 10 years old) has finally given up the will to flash.

    The Centon FG105D at my local Jessops looks to have loads of features for about £130.


  2. Canonball

    Canonball Well-Known Member

    The FG105 isn't a bad gun at all. It can't match Canon's own guns for finish or build quality, but it has a great specification and performs well. It was the highest rated independant gun in a comparison test a couple of years ago (in PP I think). I seem to recall that it put some of the big name guns to shame.

    I've used one for the last 18 months, alongside my 430EZ & 550EX, on various EOS bodies, and have been impressed with its performance. It's certainly a lot of flashgun for the money, and well worth considering.

  3. FujiSigmaNolta

    FujiSigmaNolta Well-Known Member

    I currently use a Centon FG30 which I sync onto my Fuji S20pro, and believe me it works great. It syncs at all speeds even at 1/10000 on my Fuji!!!I can get bright macros at any time, any situation with it. This particular model has got a switch where you can select Canon dedication. But I use it in manual all the time since I am not a Canon user.

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