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ccd sensors for 7d/5d

Discussion in 'Sony Chat' started by jmrgnr, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. jmrgnr

    jmrgnr Member

    Who makes the 7D/5D ccd(sensor)? Is this sensor used in any other dSLR? What is the size of the sensor in these cameras?
  2. dave_h

    dave_h Well-Known Member

    It's widely held to be the same Sony sensor as used in the Nikon D70/50 and the Pentax *istD/DS/DL (and probably is, particularly in light of the recent 'merger' of Sony and K-M).

    It's an APS-C sized sensor, 3000 x 2000 (ish) pixels.
  3. jmrgnr

    jmrgnr Member

    Thanks for the info. If there is anyone that could verify this or send a link that supports the fact that this indeed is the same sensor that Sony makes I'd appreciate it.

    Is there any concern with durabilty of this camera having the ccd on their AS mechanism in the camera? Could this AS be just another thing that could break down or wear out? I'm worried that if the camera gets bump and justled around that the AS could be damaged easily. Any thoughts on the durabilty of this AS system?
  4. RonM

    RonM Alpha Napper

    I can't confirm the use of Sony CCDs' in the 5/7D, however, it is logical that Sony provide KM with the CCDs' used in their digital camera range, as it is confirmed that the 8 Mp CCD in the KM Dimage A2 & A200 is a Sony CCD, as was the 6Mp CCD used in the A1.

    As to the durabillity of the AS system it was introduced in the Dimage A1 digicam (now a couple of years ago IIRC) and although there has been reports on AS systems going wrong/breaking down these have been extremely rare. Also you should remember that the AS mechanism used in the DLSRs' is bigger and more robust and from my own point of view, so far I have had no problems with my 7D. Being totally honest I wouldn't be without AS now (shame you can't put it in the film SLRs') as it has allowed me to capture images in conditions/situations that only f/1.4 0r 2 lenses wide open could even get close to coping with.
  5. dave_h

    dave_h Well-Known Member

    like Ron, I can vouch for the AS system. Took a shot tonight (first proper test of my new 7D) at 1/45 on a Sigma 135-400 at 400mm and it was shake free! Doesn't always work though and the hit rate is lower at longer focal lengths.

    Also really impressive is the low image noise at iso1600!
  6. jmrgnr

    jmrgnr Member

    I am in the process of researching to purchase a dSLR. It seems easy to go and get a canon or a nikon and feel fairly comfortable with that decision. But....i keep looking at the 7D and more specifically the 5D and seem to be drawn towards these cameras by what i read and by the pictures of amature galleries. So knowing that some of the mechanics of the camera such as the sensor is a tried and true component it makes the purchasing decision a little easier.

    I have found it interesting to read some of your posts and the way you praise the AS feature....yet "professional" reviewers seem to say that it is great feature but don't really hail it as a deal breaker. Now looking back would you consider the 5D/7D if it did not have the AS system? Or is the 7D/5D a sound camera and the AS system is a significant bonus to an already great camera?

    Also back to the sensor thing....If this is the same senor that is found in other dSLR cameras why is there such differences found in reviewers opinions of the different cameras? Is this as subjective as it should be or is there alot of brand loyalty and bias found in the reviews?

    Thanks for the feedback!
  7. Done_rundleCams

    Done_rundleCams AP Forum Ambassador to Canada

    Morning jmrgnr,

    I spoke to our K-M rep this morning and he say's that they have/do not reveal the CCD maker to their DSLR's.....but if I had to guess, I would say Sony :eek:.


  8. dave_h

    dave_h Well-Known Member

    It's not just the sensor, don't forget. The post processing and even the way the RAW file is handled can differ between cameras (and users!).

    Other than that I would expect some of the 'differences' to be subjective. Lighting, settings, subject matter etc will all affect the results.

    If you want to see what a 7D can do then I recommend you look on www.pbase.com and search for a guy called Neil Paskin. If his pics don't blow you away and send you racing to buy a 7D i'll be quite surprised (cos that's what happened with me!!). If you can't find him by name then look in the camera database for the 7D and go through the gallery samples until you see a rather stunning pic from the Lake District. That will get you into his galleries.

    I think if you have a sizeable budget then the Canon 20D (which my dad has) is a very very good camera indeed. However the 7D AS feature and it's very clean images will probably make you more than happy. If I was recommending one camera under the 20D's price point it would be a 7D or as you mention a 5D. And yes I know i'm biased cos i've got one! :)

    I like big, heavy cameras and the 7D (particularly with 135-400) is just that. The ergonomics are superb as well - almost all adjustments are made without having to go through menus, the 'cherry on the cake' for me being the button to toggle between AF and MF which falls under your right thumb...........

    You can also save 3 set-ups to memory and call them back at any time on the control dial, which is nifty. Also the 7D has the biggest and brightest viewfinder.

    The 5D is smaller but has less external controls.

    If I wasn't going to buy the K-M i'd probably look at a Nikon D70s. Again, this is my subjective opinion and you'll probably find that any of the current digi SLRs will impress you greatly. The main thing, if possible, is to try and handle a few and see what you like.

  9. RonM

    RonM Alpha Napper

    As well as what Dave has pointed out re in camera software and processing, the Dynax 7D is completely based on the Dynax 7 film SLR, which IMO is amongst the best AF cameras I've handled/used especially in the AF speed area, which the 7D appears to have maintained.
    Would I have bought the 7D if it didn't have AS, most probably, as I seem to be more comfortable with Minolta kit than for example Canon. So I would say yes the 7D is a sound camera with the bonus that every lens fitted to it becomes AS/VR/IS
    A sample of which

    7D, 85mm f/1.4 (127mm equivalent on 35mm), 5600HSD flash 1/60 @ f/5.6 AS=On
    As you can see a bit of a dark venue, and I reckon I was 15 - 20 yards from the forge.
    The image is the Jpg straight out of the camera and resized for the Web
  10. dave_h

    dave_h Well-Known Member

    Yup, it is indeed a lovely camera to use. I've never owned a Minolta before this one (always used to have Nikon stuff) but i'm in love already!

    there now follows an attempt to display a pic i took this aftenoon in our garden:


    ISO 400, No flash, JPEG extra fine. But i've resized it to 67K in Photoshop / Image Ready. Lens was 135-400 wide open at 5.6.

    OK it's not the best pic ever, but I've NEVER EVER been able to take a pic like this before (i'm certainly no wildlife photographer, even though i'd like to be). This is one hell of a camera!
  11. dave_h

    dave_h Well-Known Member

    oh bum. So how do I put a pic in my post then? :(
  12. RonM

    RonM Alpha Napper

    Dave, the url needs to end with an appropriate file extension e.g. *.jpg, *.gif or *.tif.
    However I tried just that and got the message that where you have your images does not allow hotlinking :(
  13. dave_h

    dave_h Well-Known Member

    thanks Ron. I'll see if i can get some personal webspace from my ISP then. 'course you can always cut 'n' paste the link for now I guess...

    anyways, even without being able to demonstrate, i'm rather smitten with my new 'baby'! (Not quite as much as I am with my real baby, 11 month old Michael, though!)
  14. Chris Cool

    Chris Cool Retired

    Posting of images...

    How to post images...

    Chris [​IMG] ...I always like to pop this up now and again as it helps others who are thinking of posting...
  15. dave_h

    dave_h Well-Known Member

    Re: Posting of images...

    ohhhh. Me big div!

    thanks Chris. I'll have to get something sorted i reckon! (it was a nice-ish pic of a greenfinch, incidentally, taken using a 'full' washing line as a makeshift hide!)
  16. dave_h

    dave_h Well-Known Member

    Re: Posting of images...

    right, lets see if it works.......


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