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Canon Zoom Lens.

Discussion in 'Lens Matters' started by novice21, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. novice21

    novice21 Active Member

    Canon EOS 60D, Thinking of buying a zoom lens any advice, only need it for general photography , holidays,fishing etc see several things to photograph but find they are a bit too far away. Any advice appreciated.
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  2. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    Depends what you mean by "bit" and how much you want to spend. The two top canon lenses are the 70-300 L and the 100-400 L. Lots of people applaud the 55-250 as a budget option. I've used none of them.
  3. Bazarchie

    Bazarchie Well-Known Member

    Have a look at the following, not L quality as you would expect but very good for the price :

    Canon EF-S 55-250 mm f/4-5.6 IS STM Lens

  4. Snorri

    Snorri Well-Known Member

    Yes, what is a bit? And another question do you want a all in one solution or are you ready to carry more lenses? I use a EF-S 15-85 IS USM and my main lens. To be honest it takes care of most situations. I have a SP70-300 VC USD from Tamron if I feel I need to get more zoom great value for money, other options could be the EF70-300 or the EF-S 55-250 beware of the infamous EF 75-300 lens form Canon it is cheap but there is a reason for that... As has been pointed out the EF 70-300 L variant is in a class of its own both in image quality and price.
  5. Jan08

    Jan08 Active Member

    I've used Canon EF 70-300 1:4 - 5.6 IS USM. with my 650D. Some very good results but now I want to go further. (Much more money involved)
  6. Done_rundleCams

    Done_rundleCams AP Forum Ambassador to Canada

    What lens (es) are you shooting with now, Novice? If it's, for instance, an 18-55, perhaps invest in an "all in one" lens like a Sigma 18-250 or Sigma 18-300 or Tamron 16-300?

    used Sigma 18-300 --https://www.lcegroup.co.uk/Used/Sigma-18-300mm-DC-MACRO-C-EOS-*BOXED-&-HOOD*_191431.html --

    used Tamron 18-270 -- https://www.lcegroup.co.uk/Used/Tamron-18-270mm-F3.5-5.6-Di-II-VC_189364.html and one more


    used Sigma 18-250 -- https://www.lcegroup.co.uk/Used/Sigma-18-250mm-f3.5-6.3-DC-OS-HSM-Canon-Fit_187829.html and one more


    Hope this helps and good shooting :)


  7. Gezza

    Gezza Well-Known Member

    It's worth considering a 70-200L or 70-200L. There at some great second hand ones around and always useful if you eventually go full frame unlike an efs lens.
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  8. Snorri

    Snorri Well-Known Member

    You forgot the aperture and or IS... I guess you are talking about the exelent 70-200 L f4, 70-200 L f4 IS, 70-200 L f2.8 and the 70-200 L f2.8 IS all are great lenses.
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  9. Jan08

    Jan08 Active Member

    Thanks. use a 18-55 for everyday and a 70-300 for telephoto . Was looking for something even longer for photographing wildlife
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  10. Gezza

    Gezza Well-Known Member

    Didn’t really forget as any of the four would be a good choice....
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  11. Done_rundleCams

    Done_rundleCams AP Forum Ambassador to Canada

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