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Canon 24-70L

Discussion in 'Canon Conflab' started by PeterLanky, May 18, 2006.

  1. PeterLanky

    PeterLanky Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know the gross weight of this lens including the box and the parephenalia that comes with it?
  2. ElectricPics

    ElectricPics Well-Known Member

    The lens weighs 950g, and it comes with a hood and soft case, which, together with the box and polystyrene packing, I'd estimate to weigh approx 250g, so say 1.2Kg all in.
  3. Lounge Lizard

    Lounge Lizard Well-Known Member

    Like the 28-70 before it, it's one hefty piece of glass and produces top-notch results.
  4. PeterLanky

    PeterLanky Well-Known Member

    I ask the question because some joker was trying to charge me the 2kg+ rate for special delivery, though I believe even when well packed, it will weigh less than 2kg. I've gone elsewhere now.
  5. El_Sid

    El_Sid Well-Known Member

    Sadly this appears to be the latest scam when buying good by mail.
  6. Lounge Lizard

    Lounge Lizard Well-Known Member

    Especially on eBay - I'm still looking for memory cards and one seller is quoting £18.98 for UK First Class Recorded on a CompactFlash card and also saying "We charge a postage fee only to cover our costs of materials and labour". This is for a 'Buy It Now' sale whereas the same item from the same company with the same postal option but in an auction rather than 'Buy It Now' has a postage of £5.98.

    Clearly, the P&P in the 'Buy It Now' is subsidising the selling price so that their goods look attractively priced. I wish that this practice was outlawed.
  7. PeterLanky

    PeterLanky Well-Known Member

    Ive never found flash cards on eBay good value at all because if this postage racket. I just bought 2 Kingston cards from Here. Good price and very fast delivery.
  8. rob_watt

    rob_watt Well-Known Member

    I suppose labour could justify it. Say if it takes him 30 minutes to go to the post office. What's his hourly rate?

    It's seriously taking the p**s, but you've always got the option not to deal with them (which is what I tend to do)
  9. PeterLanky

    PeterLanky Well-Known Member

    Took delivery of the 24-70L today. A bit shocked at the size of the lens hood compared with my Sigma, but I have to agree the design of lens movement is better, so that the hood will always be in the correct position for the focal length.

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