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Buy an EOS 3 or EOS 1n ?

Discussion in 'General Equipment Chat & Advice' started by Dave, Feb 18, 2000.

  1. Dave

    Dave Member

    I was thinking in about 6 months time upgrading to perhaps an EOS 3 or EOS 1n. Judging by the change in the YEN, I'm starting to wonder if I might save myself some money buying one sooner rather than later. I'm really looking at spending around £1000 to give me a decent camera that is going to last me for quite a number of years, but I am prepared to go over this if I'm going to be getting more for my money.

    The main use the camera will be put to is motor sports and wildlife photography. I'm currently using cameras with 1fps, and would like to go above this. I have a full compliment of Canon EF lenses, so I'm not looking to buy any new lenses at the moment.

    I'd ideally be looking at the EOS 3 or EOS 1n with the Power Drive Booster.

    I've read in quite a few reviews that the EOS 3 tends to be better than the EOS 1n. Especially with it's 45 point Eye Controlled Focus (which is one of the main reasons for looking at the EOS 3). Is this the case ?

    Do both cameras have a metal thread mount ?
    Are there any CONS with either of these cameras or anything I should think about before I purchase one of these cameras ?


    Dave Burrows
  2. Mario

    Mario Well-Known Member

    If you are considering the EOS 3 then cosider the EOS 5. I have both and to tell the truth I prefer the 5! I can't comment on the 1N but if you have the money I'd go for the RS model.
  3. DHarman

    DHarman Well-Known Member

    You can get AP's test reports on both cameras from: www.f22.co.uk. This site carries all our tests so you'll be able to see what the AP team has said about these cameras and how they faired in their tests.

    The EOS 5 lacks the build quality of the EOS 3 and EOS 1n, but the EOS 1n is better built than the EOS 3. Don't forget the EOS 1n is about to be superceeded by the EOS 1v, the test of which will be appearing in the magazine soon.

    Doug Harman
    Deputy Technical Editor, AP
  4. captainblack

    captainblack New Member

    I've used the EOS-3, and briefly the 1N. The 1N feels more sturdy, the 3 a little more plasticy. But now is a great time to get a 1N. With the release of the 1V I have seen (in AP of course) ads selling the 1N HS, that's with the PBE-1 booster for £849! Which is a great - the list price for the 1NHS in the March 2000 EOS Magazine is £1500. If you're getting one soon anyway I'd get one before all the new 1Ns get bought up by the pros. The metering for the EOS-3 is more advanced than the 1N (and is incorporated in the 1V). The five focus points are enough (perhaps the 45 too many?). If you want the latest then favour the 3 over the 1N ... they are the same price now!
    (my favourite is the 50E - have a look at one, so well laid out)

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