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Bronica GS1 or RB67

Discussion in 'Everything Film' started by DavePotter, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. DavePotter

    DavePotter Member

    Having looked through several forums and post regarding this. Has anyone tried the GS1 and RB67 back to back. Its just I cant decided which one to get (eventualy). I suppose I could answer my own question and find a shop where I could maybe shoot a film through both.
    I know that bronica are gone now. And that the rb67 is heavy to carry around( I intend to shoot mainly landscapes).

    Any advice would be appreciated.



    PS I intend to shoot black and white only.

    Appologies to the moderators. but could you move this post to the medium/large format thread please....
  2. taxor

    taxor Well-Known Member

    Well the obvious difference is, that to alternate between shooting landscape or portrait, you only have to revolve the back on the RB. I'm assuming you'd have to rotate the whole camera if using the GS1. You're right, the RB weighs a ton, but as long as you're not climbing up mountains with it, you'll be alright. It's a good way to keep fit :) Another point: Used Mamiya RB lenses/ accessories are fairly plentiful and not too dear either.
  3. Benchista

    Benchista Which Tyler

    Moderator's note: Thread moved.

    Are you dead set on one of these two? There are two other readily available 6x7 options, the Pentax 67 and the Mamiya 7. There are pros and cons to each option - I went the Pentax route, but TBH that was more down to years of wanting one and getting one for the right price than it necessarily being the very best option for me - I'm happy, though. If I hadn't got the Pentax, then the Mamiya 7 would've been my second choice. The RB is terrific, but heavy. Not sure I've seen a GS1 in years!
  4. eryri

    eryri Well-Known Member

    I had the same problem in the early 90's when I decided to move to medium format. After looking at the RB, GS1 & Pentax 67, I chose the RB, and never regretted it. The others are fine cameras, but the RB got the vote because of its rotating, interchangable back, mechanical operation (no batteries) and tank-like construction. Surprisingly, there isn't that much difference in the weights (about 200g as far a I can remember), and this difference isn't an issue when you consider all the other gear you may, or may not carry. (What's an extra 200g?; a can of Coke?)

    My only gripe was that the 65mm and 50mm lenses, being floating element designs, meant that their operation was a little more involved than normal lenses, but once you've done it a few times it becomes second nature, and they produce superb results.

    I used the RB exclusively in all conditions for 10+ years, and it never let me down. I sold it only to fund my move to large format, as I'm sure it would stil be going strong, and still producing quality images today.
  5. DavePotter

    DavePotter Member

    Thank you all for the advice.

    After much consideration, I needed a decent scanner (prob epson v700)I dont really have anywhere now to setup a dark room (live in 2 bed house with wife and daughter). As I mainly shoot landscapes and astrophotography I went digital (new cannon 400d)
    I will return to film when I move to a 3 bed house.

  6. DS2

    DS2 Well-Known Member

    I have to say I'll put my money on the RB67...versatile, mechanical, flash sync. at speeds, great for portraiture or lanscapes, timesless beauty that has been around for over 36 years, Mamiya still makes the RB67...need a digital back not
    a problem Leaf Systems makes one.

    Bronica is out of business...Mamiya is still in business.
    This means that parts and accessories are abundant.

    Simon :)

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