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Bronica ETRSi finder wont lock in!!!

Discussion in 'Everything Film' started by KierFX, Mar 4, 2017.

  1. KierFX

    KierFX Well-Known Member

    Hi guys

    After taking the finder of my Bronica ETRSi (thank you again, Jeff) to clean it, I cant get the finder back on. It sits the slots but where as normally you push it fowards and it locks in - it wont lock. the finder will just fall off. I have a shoot planned tomorrow and this is really annoying. Any ideas?

    Thank you

  2. neilt3

    neilt3 Well-Known Member

    I have an ETRSi too .
    Best suggestion is you give it a jiggle .
    The reason I find it doesn't quite click in place is that it just needs to be a touch more forward .
    Giving a bit of a jiggle forward does the job usually .

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