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Bowes Railway and Mining Museum

Discussion in 'Photographic Locations' started by JMK, Sep 5, 2019.

  1. JMK

    JMK Well-Known Member

    This little known gem is on the southern side of Gateshead about 5 mins off the A1m. Photography is unrestricted in the original workshops, but there is a large area where you are obliged to have a tour guide with you as there are serious tripping hazards and other Health and Safety risks. This site is as close as possible just as it was in 1974 when the line was closed.

    The website is www.bowesrailwaymuseum.uk This should not be confused with the renown Bowes Museum in Barnard castle although they are linked by the family name. It has the only gravity operated standard gauge incline in UK used to move coal down the hill to the River Tyne. Be aware there are other various unofficial blogs about this museum, but a lot of the information is incorrect and well out of date.

    Entry is £2 per adult on Thursdays Fridays and Saturdays and the 1st Sunday of every month 10am to 3pm. If you want a full guided tour, allow at least 2 hours, but longer if taking photographs. There is a decent cafe too.
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