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Best budget e-mount landscape lense

Discussion in 'Sony Chat' started by Martyn hardy, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. Martyn hardy

    Martyn hardy Member

    Hi. I am fairly new to photography. I currently have a Sony a6000 with a 16-50mm kit lens and a 55-210mm lens. Due to being a keen hiker my preferred photography subject is landscape. I have spent alot of time on Google etc trying to find which lens would be best suited to myself and my budget (£250 ish. Which I know isn't alot). The problem I am finding is, within my budget I have read alot stating there isn't much difference between the wide lenses such as sigma and samyang and my kit lense?

    Is this the case?

    If so should I stick to my kit lense for now and use the money towards something else to help my photography such as a filter set and new tripod?

  2. Zou

    Zou Well-Known Member

    The 16-50 is a decent enough lens when stopped down, but at wide angles the distortion is pretty poor albeit correctable in editing. The advantage of a prime (14mm/16mm Samyangs for example) is they should be better optically corrected and consequently more reliable edge to edge. Are you seeing anything in the performance of your 16-50 which makes you want something better? If not, save the money and invest in a decent tripod, remote release etc. Alternatively try renting the lenses you are interested in and see if you can spot any improvements.
  3. Martyn hardy

    Martyn hardy Member

    Thankyou for the reply. If I'm honest I'm happy with the quality. My main reason for initially looking was because I thought I'd find something with a wider field of view. And the fact that I assumed because it was a kit lens there would be something much more suited to my needs. Although I imagine it's my budget that restricts that. Iv already purchased a remote release. If I wasn't going to end up getting a new lens I was going to look at a decent set of filters as I'm keen to try my hand at long exposure to.
  4. Zou

    Zou Well-Known Member

    I have a 52mm (I've no need for larger diameter, but I think the 55-210 is 58mm?) B+W 10 stop ND which works fine with a 40.5mm/52mm step-up ring on my 16-50. Manual focus as AF struggles through the density of the filter.


    [​IMG]^ by Zou san, on Flickr
  5. Martyn hardy

    Martyn hardy Member

    That's really good. Is there a manufacturer that you would recommend for a filter?
  6. Zou

    Zou Well-Known Member

    B+W for screw-in. Not used rectangular filters. I went with 52mm as that was the largest I needed (most of my lenses are 49mm or 52mm diameter) and the filter cost about £35. Cheaper filters can have stronger colour casts or lower quality glass.

    Which remote do you have, wired or IR? Mine is wired, but a word of caution. In strong light it seems there can be a light leak via the open port hatch on the side of my NEX-3n. In those conditions I prefer to use the self timer (2 seconds) with a manual exposure and trigger by hand on the shutter button. Not sure if the a6000 resolves that design issue.
  7. Martyn hardy

    Martyn hardy Member

    I have the Sony Rmt 2 which is wireless. Had no issues with it so far. I'll have a look into filters then over the weekend. Got a trip to Snowdonia coming up so would be nice to have one by then.

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