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Best 27" monitor for photography? Looking at BenQ.

Discussion in 'General Equipment Chat & Advice' started by scaryone, Apr 3, 2020.

  1. scaryone

    scaryone New Member

    The current lockdown seems like a good opportunity to finally invest in the right gear for processing images. I've been used to doing them on a Dell XPS 13 laptop so am in the market for a dedicated photographic monitor. I've done a fair bit of research and decided 27" best suits my needs (anything else would be too large for the room) and Adobe RGB mode and 99% coverage is a must. I'm torn on resolution however and a bit confused at the connectivity issues. My Dell only has USB slots and a USB-C thunderbolt slot - so no HDMI port. Ideally I'd like to just use the USB-C/thunderbolt slot but fear that may not be sufficient and I'll need a whole range of cables. Anyway I'm considering the BenQ SW270C and BenQ SW271. The latter is 4k which I may not need (and I prefer the price of the 270) but it might connect more easily with the laptop. All advice (especially technical) and thoughts appreciated. Am particularly interested to hear from anyone using either monitor. Thanks in advance.
  2. AndyTake2

    AndyTake2 Well-Known Member

    Looks like your laptop should work fine with the 270. The monitor is usbc display port compatible and looks like a bargain.

    4k is OK if your programs support varying icon sizes. Otherwise it is a pita to access some tools. Stick with the lower res.
  3. IanG1957

    IanG1957 Well-Known Member

    I recently bought a Philips Brilliance Moniteur LCD avec Port USB-C 328P6AUBREB

    This is a 32" screen with USB-C Connectivity (hub) and HDMI and VGA - and it's not as huge as it might sound!

    It has every conceivable connection, is 2560 x 1440 pixels, and works in the Adobe colour space
  4. AndyTake2

    AndyTake2 Well-Known Member

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