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Battery cover

Discussion in 'Panasonic Chat' started by Catriona, Sep 18, 2015.

  1. Catriona

    Catriona Well-Known Member

    Shame the batteries don't seem to come with protective plastic bottom covers to protect the terminals.

    Is it possible to get any? Anyone know?
    If not, how do you protect the spare battery when you are out and about? Just thought, perhaps the new case I ordered has a pocket. We'll see when it arrives.

  2. El_Sid

    El_Sid Well-Known Member

    I do have a couple of battery covers for my BP-511 batteries which I picked up from the junk box in my local dealer. If I remember I sometimes use them but mostly I just stick the batteries in the case that was an AP freebie a few years back. I rather suspect that battery covers tend to go missing very quickly...

    The little Lowepro case I use for my FX30 has a pocket for spare batteries or cards.
  3. RogerMac

    RogerMac Well-Known Member


    If I do not have a proper battery I just put them into a small plastic kitchen bad, it seems to work well. The ones with zip tops are best but they all work
  4. Catriona

    Catriona Well-Known Member

    Thanks. It has got a small ziplock bag, it's just where I put them in my shoulder bag, I just like to know a knock won't hit the end terminals. I'm so used to having proper plastic clip on covers (Canon and Nikon) it seems odd not to have them now. Unfortunately nothing I've got will fit.
    As I said, we'll see what the carrying case I've ordered has. Fingers crossed for a pocket.
  5. Eye Robot

    Eye Robot Well-Known Member

    If you have bought the "kit" case, it doesn't have a pocket. (assuming LX100)

    It is semi stay-on. ie you can use the camera with the case on and the top flipped over, but it is very awkward. The top is detachable with poppers though which makes it easier.
    The bottom screws into the camera tripod thread, giving you another thread on the bottom of the case.

    The best thing about it is the strap which attaches to the camera and replaces the camera strap. This is quite a bit longer and enables me to have the strap round my neck and the camera (with or without case) in my pocket. It is a tight fit with the case on but it can be done. If I am expecting to use the camera, I leave the case at home, and rely on the pocket for protection.

    As for battery, I was surprised about the lack of terminal protection too, but use a small plastic bag as described above
  6. Catriona

    Catriona Well-Known Member

    Thank you.
    I looked at the proper case for the LX100 and decided against it after reading some of the criticisms of it. I ended up buying a soft case which just arrived today. It is bigger than I might have liked, but has spaces in it enough for cards and a spare battery and even a front pocket for paper or instructions if I wished. It will be good for going out on a shoot around town or when I'm not using it.
    I use a wrist strap so I just swapped the one I was using on my old Canon.

    Thanks again for your help.

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