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Auto 110

Discussion in 'Pentax Chat' started by dazcaz, Feb 17, 2001.

  1. dazcaz

    dazcaz New Member

    Hello all.
    How many of you have an Auto 110?
    What bits have you got for it?
    Did it come as a kit, or did you buy the bits seperatley?
    Is it the standard or the super?

    I have a standard with the flash and the 24 mm lens and the 50mm lens.
    I love it. I want to get a motorwind but I'm in no rush. I'll wait untill I find a nice clean one.
    I took it to Le Mans a few years back to watch the motor racing and I used it as a serious ('cos that's what it is) camera.
    The result were fantastic.
    It's great to use in low light as being small and light I found I could hand hold it for fairly long exposures without worrying about shake.
    The results I achieved with this camera made me promise to keep using it as long as I can find somewhere to dev and print the 110 film.

    I wonder if any of you have stories of travels with your Auto 110.
    Best wishes
  2. joop

    joop New Member

    I have got it too as a set recently. I love it although i haven't finish the first roll of film. I like the fact that it fits perfectly in my bag.
    Anyway, you can try your luck at ebay for the winder. Any special tip you can share regarding this little camera? or even photo gallery?

  3. thomasofluton

    thomasofluton Member

    does anybody has a working body for sale? I accidentally destroyed mine, even if it is faulty just let me know politisgr@crawler.com
    Thank you
  4. thomasofluton

    thomasofluton Member

    I finally found one spare body from rocky cameras it is very good better than my old one!!! and i will start work this weekend I had made many project with that camera I love candits and this camera is the best for that i have even photographed people having sex!
  5. Benchista

    Benchista Which Tyler

    In LUTON???? Mind, there is f*** all else to do!

  6. thomasofluton

    thomasofluton Member

    not only in luton!!!!!
    I have the pentax with me everywhere i go so i had hundreds of candits I will go the london mardigras for the same reason!

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