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AP & WH Smith special offer on today's AP

Discussion in 'AP Magazine Feedback & Suggestions' started by Malcolm_Stewart, Jan 13, 2015.

  1. Malcolm_Stewart

    Malcolm_Stewart Well-Known Member

    I normally buy my AP at the local Co-op, but today I picked it up in the city centre at WH Smiths on account of the special offer on the front. An 8GB PNY SD card for only £4.99!!! - exclusive to WH Smith. What I didn't know when choosing to buy the magazine at WH Smith was that I would be their first customer to notice the special offer - at around 4:45pm. So I get to the only manned till and mention the special offer. Cashier looks puzzled, scans the bar-code, no mention of offer, calls his manager. Meanwhile the queue is building up behind me - he sends another employee to collect an 8GB SD card from upstairs. The queue gets longer... I suggest that others get served. Manager is still searching through her manual of offers or whatever, is obviously not finding anything relevant. I suggest that they attend to others stuck in the queue behind me, but they've already scanned my purchase. Eventually, they cancel the first scan and attend to the other customers, and open another till, and by this time the 8GB card has arrived, and with the magazine, a Promotional Saving of £4 is applied.

    Does anyone at AP or WH Smith ever think of the consequences of these once in a blue-moon offers?

    The same PNY 8GB SD card is available from Currys for a lower price, £4.49. without the hassle.
  2. Nigel_Atherton

    Nigel_Atherton Group Editor

    I can see how that would be annoying.

    WH Smiths are keen to do exclusive promotions on their magazines because they're fighting the rising trend for people to buy their magazines at the supermarket while they're doing their shopping. Every publisher does them.We also periodically do these promotional tie ins with supermarket chains because of course they're also competing with each other.

    It's the retailer's job to promote and fulfil these exclusive deals. I presume the decision was made not to mount the cards on the issues for cost reasons, or to reduce theft, but it's their job to brief their staff properly.
  3. Malcolm_Stewart

    Malcolm_Stewart Well-Known Member

    Nigel, thanks for the reply. Gives me some insight into the thinking.

    Plenty of good content to read, so it was worth the wait.
  4. Nigel_Atherton

    Nigel_Atherton Group Editor


    Incidentally I think that propmotion is running for the next few issues. Hopefully by week three they'll have got the hang of it!
  5. nimbus

    nimbus Well-Known Member

    Presumably they are not mounted on the magazines because it is not a free gift and are not an item all buyers will want to have, especially if they are 55p cheaper at Currys.
  6. TimHeath

    TimHeath Well-Known Member

    Us subscribers miss out! :(
  7. spinno

    spinno Well-Known Member

    so do those who don't buy at Smiths
  8. Learning

    Learning Ethelred the Ill-Named

    Over a whole year I guess that us subscribers gain by having every magazine delivered, usually 2 or three days early, and at a lower cost than that of buyers of individual magazines. Also who wants an obsolescent 8Gb slow card?
  9. Malcolm_Stewart

    Malcolm_Stewart Well-Known Member

    I did - so that I could post it to my daughter with a video on it. An HD video which I considered too large to send via the web. (Speed-wise - it was more than adequate for our needs.)
  10. Footloose

    Footloose Well-Known Member

    I suppose I do have an issues with this freebie given out by WH Smiths, since as well as being by far, the largest retailer of newspapers and magazines in the UK, they also are the largest wholesaler and distributor as well, probably being the company that delivers the AP to your corner-shop newsagent. This means it's more than likely that unless you buy by subscription, WH Smiths, will more likely than not be making money from your purchase of the AP. Offers like this, mean that corner shops and other newsagents, losing out, whilst WH Smiths, 'win' regardless.

    The distribution of newspapers (and magazines) has always been done by very few other companies, the other major one being Manzies, part of which, is now owned by WH Smiths. I suppose it's their almost monopolistic position that somewhat concerns me.
  11. nimbus

    nimbus Well-Known Member

    The "freebie" was at a £4.99 cost and one poster pointed out that the same item could be bought at Currys for less.
  12. Nigel_Atherton

    Nigel_Atherton Group Editor

    WH Smiths has a far from monopolistic position in magazine and newspaper sales these days. The one giant competitor you have failed to mention are the supermarkets which in recent years have decimated WH Smith's market share. A close family member who worked for WHS for 20 years left partly because he couldn't see a long term future for them. Of the key sectors they were once known for – books, music, DVD, cards/stationery, games and news/magazines – most have been destroyed by the internet and/or supermarkets. Its a miracle they're still going at all, but for how much longer is anyone's guess. If they do down down it wil be bad news for niche special interest magazines as supermarkets will have no interest in stocking many of them.
    I must stress that this is only my personal opinion.

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