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'AP picture of the week' section

Discussion in 'Help Team' started by Paul Manuell, Sep 8, 2020.

  1. Paul Manuell

    Paul Manuell Member

    Ok, please bear with this technophobe. In the magazine section mentioned in the title of this thread, how do selected photos listed as taken from Instagram appear rectangular? Whenever I upload to that site they're always annoyingly cropped to square. Also, can someone please give me a step by step guide of how to make my images able to be viewed for consideration. And I mean a really basic step by step; the instructions on the magazine's page confuse me.
    Thank you
  2. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    I’m told it is unavoidable but AP says it takes pictures from facebook, instagram, Flickr or Twitter if labelled picoftheweek . I would try Flickr.

    Edit. AP has a Flickr group, join the group, upload the photo and tag it. I guess someone looks for new uploads with that tag.

    To put images on this Forum. Resize the image to 800 pixels on the long edge. Most image editors will do this though it may appear as an option under image export. Don’t overwrite your original. If using Flickr select share then in the dialogue box pic option BBC (bulletin board code), copy the link, paste the whole thing where you want it to go in your post. The dialogue box also offers some size options. If you uploaded the whole picture choose the link for the medium option containing 800 px. If you uploaded an 800 px file choose the original size. Akternativel, if younhave the 800 px file on your computer use the upload option on the post. It will but up a dialogue asking you to choose a file. Then it will show a second dialogue asking thumbnail or full image. Choose full image. If you upload a file it stays there for good, you have only about 20 mins to change your mind and edit or delete the post. If it is on Flickr then only a link is posted, if you move the file on Flickr it will disappear from the forum.
  3. Paul Manuell

    Paul Manuell Member

    So if I simply add #appicoftheweek to the photos on my Facebook profile, they'll be seen by the people who select pictures for that section in the magazine, yes?

    The rest of your post, ref. resizing, has gone right over my head I'm afraid. Far too much tech speak for me to understand (what does overwrite even mean?). I really am a technophobe, don't even own a computer and have never shot a photo digitally, only ever use film and have done since taking up photography in the '80s.
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  4. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    Can’t help with how Facebook works but you must have to tell them somehow, they must have a page. It’s not something I use.

    If you only shoot film, and don’t have a computer, how did you get the picture on instagram? I don’t use instagram either.
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  5. EightBitTony

    EightBitTony Well-Known Member

    I mean this is the best possible way - speak to someone near you and get them to help you through it. Given you don't own a computer, and don't recognise some of the phrases Pete used, I think it's going to be a significant challenge to explain it to you in text here, when we don't even know what phone you have, nor how you're getting a photograph / scan of your existing print.

    You can't just use that tag on Facebook, they won't see the image unless you post it in the correct place and your permissions are set correctly - so I really do suggest finding someone local and asking them.
  6. Paul Manuell

    Paul Manuell Member

    The shop I have my films developed in email me the photos from the shop's computer, then I put them on Instagram and other sites via my tablet, the only internet device I own.
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  7. Paul Manuell

    Paul Manuell Member

    Thank you
  8. EightBitTony

    EightBitTony Well-Known Member

    I would speak to them and see if they can help you.

    There are two ways to get non-square images on instagram, one requires just using an instagram feature, and one requires adding a border around the image in an image editing programme. Note however, that the Instagram app isn't designed for tablets, and may or may not have all the same features as the phone version.

    When you add the image to instagram, in the bottom left is a pair of angled brackets, touching that icon once will switch from square to original image size, touching it again will revert back. Not all image sizes are supported, it will sometimes still crop the edges.

    2020-09-09 21.56.08.jpg
  9. Paul Manuell

    Paul Manuell Member

    I think I've sussed it now; went to AP's Facebook page, uploaded a couple of photos and hashtagged appicoftheweek

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