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Amazing site.

Discussion in 'Web Sites of Interest' started by Paddysnapper, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. Gold1

    Gold1 Well-Known Member

    I agree, this is an amazing site. Just the thought and determination to record these buildings on the brink of their extinction is an exciting and worthwhile project. It's exciting to see what's been left behind (in some it looks like the staff literally downed tools and walked out, with twenty or so years passing untouched).

    It's photography with narrative for the curious, letting us see more than what we're supposed to or allowed to (if you're not the curious type, or you go for more obvious beauty then I suppose it is just boring and ugly?)

    Personally I hate obvious photography. These endless shots of flowers and sunsets etc. hurt my eyes (I prefer to just see them in real life), but each to their own.
  2. benji

    benji Well-Known Member

    Yes, why not!
    Just let me know what size images you want/print run/territory/period, and I'll send you a quote.

  3. Alias

    Alias Well-Known Member

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