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Agfa Rondinax 60 Vs Johnson Kent 20 developing tanks

Discussion in 'Everything Film' started by Wilwahabri, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. Wilwahabri

    Wilwahabri Member

    I recently acquired an Agfa Rondinax 60 daylight developing tank for handling my 120 film processing as I was getting fed up trying to load Jobo reels. I have had a Johnson Essex 35 daylight loading tank for 35mm film since I was 13 which gets regular use.
    The Essex tank has never let me down, the spiral always loads correctly even if I am a bit hamfisted winding the film into the tank, and the film has never come out or collapsed in the spiral.
    I cannot say the same for the Rondinax 60 Every time I have used it so far the film has collapsed on the spiral just at the end marring the last negative. I am being ultra careful winding the film in after removing the backing paper but it always seems to get tight just at the end of the film.
    The build quality of the Rondinax does not seem to be up to the standard of the Essex either, the [Essex] spiral has deeper, more angular grooves and is made of thicker, heavier plastic similar to the plastic of which the tank is made. In fact the whole Essex tank is made of thicker plastic than the Rondinax.

    Has anyone had similar experiences with the Rondinax 60 tank and suggest a strategy for better loading?

    I am thinking of getting a Johnson Kent 20 tank, if I can, as I suspect it will be more robust, [based on the construction of my Essex tank] Anyone care to comment on the comparison between the Kent 20 and the Rondinax 60?

    I am aware that the Agfa tanks were not sold in the UK as Johnsons had the rights to sell their version of the design of the tanks in the UK.

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