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Advice on using Lumix DCFZ82 bridge camera

Discussion in 'Panasonic Chat' started by Birdie, Sep 1, 2021.

  1. Birdie

    Birdie Member

    Hello. I have a new Lumix camera. I like photographing birds and often if the bird sits still I will keep clicking away, then afterwards choose the best photo. ( I know about the burst function, not tried it yet, so this question is just about taking a series of stills.)
    Say I have taken about 10 pictures of the same thing. Each time I half depress the trigger I get little green rectangles. Sometimes they appear over my subject bird, sometimes they are off to the side or even way out. I wish I knew how to make them centre on my subject. That's one question.
    Next question - after taking about 10 photos, suddenly a big grid appears over the picture. Then a very tiny little white plus sign appears in the top right corner, along with an arrow pointing to a 'Return' button in the bottom left corner. What is that all about?
    What can I do to just make it take lots of photos all the same (but not burst. Not Yet. One thing at a time for me at this stage).
    Plus, every symbol or word on the screen is absolutely tiny. I have no hope of reading or interpreting them.
    Thank you.
  2. El_Sid

    El_Sid Well-Known Member

    Not a camera I have, my Panasonics are mostly the G-series with interchangeable lenses but I can tell you that the green squares represent the focus points for the AF system. Wherever the green squares appear is where the camera has focused. From your description I believe the camera is currently set to use all the AF points and the camera decides automatically which is the best point to use - usually this is either the closest potential subject and/or the one with the highest contrast.

    There should be an option either in the quick menu or the main menus (or possibly even a dedicated button) to select single point (or any of the other options) Note that if you are in one of the scene modes - ie not P,A,S or M - the camera settings are pretty much fixed and Single Point AF may not be available.

    Not sure about the grid thing though - never seen anything like that on my cameras.

    As with the AF point selection there should be an option in the menus or a button to select single shot rather than motor drive. Again scene modes may not allow this to be changed.

    if you haven't got a copy of the full user manual you can download it from here.
  3. IvorETower

    IvorETower Little Buttercup

    A quick google brings up that the little plus sign and "arrow" means that you have selected a picture art effect
  4. Birdie

    Birdie Member

    Thanks. It's all helpful. I have the manual but it doesn't have this detail. Not got the confidence to go looking through menus. Think I will maybe phone the shop for help or make the 2 hour journey back to ask them to explain it and help me sort it.
  5. Birdie

    Birdie Member

    Heck. I must have selected in by mistake. Think I need somebody to be beside me and show me what to do. Anyway, good of people to take the trouble to reply. Thank you.
  6. beatnik69

    beatnik69 Well-Known Member

    If you search on you tube, you may find some useful videos on the controls for your model of camera.
  7. Birdie

    Birdie Member

    Yes, of course.
  8. Birdie

    Birdie Member

    I am replying to my own post because I think I have cracked it. When I am in the taking photos mode, along the top of the photo appear lots of symbols like P and AF and STD or something, and other things I simply cannot read, they are so tiny. On the far right, at the top, is a tiny rectangle with grid rectangles within it. I have been touching this accidentally with my nose because I almost exclusively use the viewfinder. As I raise the camera to may face, I touch this grid. What I don't see is the grid opening to fill the screen, and wherever you next touch that grid, it knows that is where you want the focus of your photo to be, and it puts a tiny plus sign in the middle. So when my nose touches the top right a second, third, fourth ad inf time, the plus sign appears there, and my photos keep centring there. Now I know I need to revert to touchscreen, touch the grid in the middle, and my photo focus point will be the middle. The Return button pops up to help you revert to having the tiny grid back at the default top right position. I know what my next two questions are: How do I get rid of this grid altogether, and can I disable the touch screen so I can use my nose as a very necessary anchor, not a pointer. But don't rush to answer. These are new threads and I will try the manual, which I find a bit too basic for questions like this.
  9. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    There should be some way to turn this behaviour off, it will be in the user manual somewhere. I know they are a pain but there is a silver lining, they are all more or less the same in structure/content if not detail so once you've read one it becomes easier to find the right page in another.

    Often cameras have context sensitive controls. This can be very confusing. Full auto may deny you access to various options, they probably just vanish so you'll find the instructions in the manual but won't find the option on the camera unless a,b,c ... are already set.
  10. spinno

    spinno Well-Known Member

    You tube videos by Graham Houghton are quite good.
  11. Birdie

    Birdie Member

    I see. OK, thank you. I will look into it all, with some help at hand.
  12. El_Sid

    El_Sid Well-Known Member

    Did the manual come with the camera? If it's anything like the one that came with my G80 is just a very basic waste of paper that barely tells you much more than how to put the card and battery in and turn it on. The downloadable manual I linked to in my previous post appears to cover everything.

    As far as the rear touch screen goes I have mine set to only allow touch control actions when I activate an adjustable feature such as AF point selection. Unfortunately it can be a bit trial and error before you find the right combination of touch screen settings...:rolleyes:
  13. Birdie

    Birdie Member

    Yes, it came with the camera and it's over 50 pages so reasonably good but still not detailed enough for me. If it says
    'Go to the settings menu' I expect to be told where that menu is and how to go to it. As always, with any manual for anything and even with forums and videos, too many steps are omitted in the step by step guides. I had difficulty even setting the date and time because they missed bits out that must be obvious to most people but are not to me. Some of us really are that clueless.:eek: Anyway, I am sure I will get there by looking at one little thing at a time. Thank you.
  14. El_Sid

    El_Sid Well-Known Member

    50 Pages is certainly more comprehensive than the one I got with the G80 wjich is something.

    The download version - https://tda.panasonic-europe-servic...n3/data/ALL/DCFZ82EG/OI/952311/dvqp1226za.pdf is 311 pages and has way more info...

    All the settings menus can be accessed by pressing the 'Menu/Set'button in the middle of the circular 4-way key pad on the back. One the menu display is open you can navigate through the options using the 4-way pad and possibly the control wheel on the back too.

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