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A. Digital Camera - Panasonic Lumic DMC LX5

Discussion in 'User Reviews' started by bench_ubbster, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. bench_ubbster

    bench_ubbster Well-Known Member

    Bit of a shaky start with this camera as the courier didn't deliver it when promised then managed to lose it at the depot :mad: Anyway, was it was worth all the agro?
    In the box: An instruction summary booklet, if any more instructions required I'm afraid you have to delve into the full manual on the CD. Silkypix RAW converter - having DxO I haven't really used Silkypix, let's put it this way, I hope DxO bring a module out for the LX5 (there is one for the LX3). One of the main attractions of this camera is the ability to capture RAW and I'm a bit miffed that Adobe only support Camera Raw for Elements 8 and above. I think I'll just wait for DxO and use Silkypix in the meantime. The Leica equivalent ships with Elements 8. that would have been nice, but I suppose aside from the red dot and interface that's what you get for an extra £200. Anyway, other items, battery, charger, lens cap and two leads. Rather than the RGB a HDMI lead would have been nice.
    Out of the box and first impressions: Nice rubber, textured grip, big screen (wider than the one on my 5D mark II!). Buttons are also nice quality and big enough (there isn't much room at the back of the camera because of the size of the screen). There is a button on top for instantly recording video. A jog wheel falls easily to thumb for changing exposure. The flash rises up from the body with a reassuring clunk. A neck strap is also provided. I must admit I do like having a separate lens cap (rather than one integrated into the body). It fits snugly and I don't think it would come off accidentally in the pocket.
    In use: Everything is where it should be, menus don't need much delving into to get what you want. The movie button on the top plate is perfect for those candid camera moments. I haven't explored all the 'modes' yet, I'm just using RAW mainly, but I did have a go with Dynamic B&W setting and it gives very nice images straight from the camera (almost like Fuji Neopan I would say). There are a few examples on my Flickr page here and I've done a jpeg comparison at ISO800 with some other compacts here (warning! It's about 12MB).

    Summary: Pros - super IQ and a heaps better upgrade. I will mainly use this camera for long weekend away travelling light. HD movie mode is a bonus. Noise - seems to be about 2EV better than my Ricoh GX100. Even at higher ISOs it records lots of detail.

    Cons - still a bit bulky. I can't help thinking about the Canon S95. At the moment limited to Silkypix Raw converter and the RAWs do seem to require a bit of work to get the best from them (come on DxO!). But the jpegs straight from the camera are quite good (and you can customise the level of sharpening, NR, contrast etc in-camera as well as experiment with pre-set modes.

    Was it worth the agro? Every bit of it!
  2. bench_ubbster

    bench_ubbster Well-Known Member

    I received the DMW-LA6 adapter yesterday that allows the LX5 to take 52mm filters. So today I tried it out with my Hoya R72 720nm IR filter. I customised the white balance, but the B&W images straight from the camera were more than acceptable. Hand-held, ISO400, 1/4s examples can be seen here. Or here's a low res version.
  3. bench_ubbster

    bench_ubbster Well-Known Member

    This set was taken entirely with the LX5. They are JPEGS uploaded into Elements 9 then transfered to Flickr at a push of a button (no fannying around). All effects were 'in-camera'.
  4. Malcolm_Stewart

    Malcolm_Stewart Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your reports.

    I found your set of Ljubljana most interesting, not because they were taken on a new camera, but for the vibrancy of the colours. I was last in Ljubljana in 1965 when it was well under Tito's communist rule, and it was so drab it was depressing.
  5. bench_ubbster

    bench_ubbster Well-Known Member

    We really enjoyed Ljubljana. Small city without the incessant traffic of most. Ideal for a long weekend, even though they have the Euro it seemed to go a bit further than other places in Euroland. We went to the museum and I can see when it was drab. My parents went to Dubrovnik in 1967 and there couldn't have been much to do apart from the Slivovic as I came along 9 months later :eek: :eek: :D

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