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A - Digital Camera: Fujifilm X-E3

Discussion in 'User Reviews' started by Scphoto, Apr 2, 2018.

  1. Scphoto

    Scphoto Well-Known Member

    My intention at the Photography Show wasn’t to pick up another camera body, but anyone that follows my blog will know that often other things get purchased instead of the original item.

    I do have a preference for primes – but I had yet to make this happen on the Fuji system. My old Canon primes were generally 100mm plus (apart from the 15mm fisheye) so my recent Fuji purchase of a XF100-400 covers most of that range. So the thought of shorter primes was one thing I was looking at. Mainly the 18 or 27mm lenses. My intention was to pair the X Pro 2 with a smaller prime – but then the X-E3 came to my attention, it’s almost a mini X Pro 2 – albeit with a few compromises size wise.

    Double Trouble?

    From the back the missing bits are obvious, the wheel button arrangement is missing but all of the settings can be adjusted using the Q menu. The Screen on the X-E3 is a touchscreen, but I don’t like the sensitivity of it – so for the moment it’s disabled.

    Rear Differences

    The compact size means this is now my carry to work camera – I’ve managed to pick up a small bag (LowePro Format 100) to drop in my rucksack for the cycle to work. I’m still a little worried about it bouncing around the bag – but I’ll look to securing it some how.

    Lowepro Format 100 – Discontinued range

    A surprise for me with the X-E3 was in the inclusion of the mini EF-X8 flash unit. It’s a tiny flash that was supplied with the XT2 model but not the X Pro 2. In time it’ll prove useful or useless as it’s so small. The unit (not referring to it as a flash gun!) is powered by the X camera’s internal battery so I guess we’ll use it with caution (or whilst carrying spare batteries).

    On the subject of batteries it uses the same W126 type as the X Pro 2, so there was no need to unbox the charger.

    One obvious omission when comparing models is the Optical View Finder, to be honest whilst that is a nice idea, for the X-E3 it's a logical removal to make the package smaller and less complicated – I do find on the X-Pro I’m using the EVF for most things – mainly due to the film mode being replicated in the electronic view finder.

    Handling wise, it's a small camera so if you have enormous hands it might not be the camera for you, but for the rest of us normal people it is a perfect compact size, but it has the advantage of a decent sensor (24mp - APS-C) and interchangeable lenses.

    The film modes of recent Fuji's have been passed down to this smaller model and produce great Jpegs out of the camera - whilst not something the purists will be keen on it's something a fairly prolific Instagrammer like myself find valuable. To add to this point I will add the Fuji range is very simple to connect to a smart phone - just enable the wifi and via the phone app you can browse the camera for image or use it as a remote trigger.

    I purchased the camera with the Fuji XF 27mm f/2.8 prime as I wanted to keep the package as small as possible. Below are a few samples from my first walk around Birmingham. Nothing has been done to the images. They are shot in Fuji Acros + Red Filter mode, transferred to my iPhone and then copied to my WordPress server.

    Trams 1/250 – f/8 – ISO 400

    Distracted 1/120 – f/2.8 – ISO 400

    Cracks are appearing in Birmingham’s facade 1/2000 – f/2.8 – ISO 400
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  2. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    I'm glad to hear that the 27 mm works for you. I tried to buy one (s/h) to use on my X-E2 and the AF hunts like anything so I didn't. Curious about the flash. Does it not have a pop-up like the X-E2?
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  3. Scphoto

    Scphoto Well-Known Member

    No pop up flash on the X-e3 - probably nowhere for it to go!

    I have found in bad light the 27mm hunts a little - but outside in daylight it's been fine (so far).

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