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a day late for bleak mid winter (5x imgs ~250kb)

Discussion in 'Exhibition Lounge' started by CircleOfConfusion, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. CircleOfConfusion

    CircleOfConfusion Well-Known Member

    well you know what they say "be carefull what you wish for" :eek: I finally got my bleak mid winter weather when I woke up this morning! Ive been itching to use the camera recently so I chucked my clothes on and headed out. After digging out the car that was covered in snow several inches thick I thought Llanberis/snowdon would be a good idea...

    It soon became apparent that it wasnt such a good idea. the snow had been very heavy and none of the roads had been gritted which meant it had been compacted and turned into ice rinks :eek:
    (Ice road & Llanberis valley in the distance)

    after stuggling to make it up anything with an incline of more than about 3degrees and every corner being meet with a certain "clenching" feeling I decided it would be better to head back to somewhere closer to home...
    (Menai bridge & straits. NB:mountains hidden by approaching snow storm )

    After negotiating some difficult parking being back on two feet never felt so good :D A wander around church Island and the park hopefully produced some good photos (in between dodging snow balls and kids on sledges :D)
    (Church Island & Britania bridge in the distance)

    (snow ball fights & sledge fun on the hills in the distance)

    I know the white balance/exposure is out on some of the photos but they were all taken on my little DC in full auto mode (no time to change the settings when it only has a few minutes battery life)
    Hopefully got some really nice ones on film, despite opening the back on one roll before it had rewound :( (never make that mistake again...... likely :D)
  2. huwevans

    huwevans Not Really Here

    Yes, great - in theory! :) It's a pity that the best scenery is so often the hardest to get to when the elements really give us something dramatic to photograph. :-(

    But still, looks like you had a good day of it, even so. I love the almost monochrome feel in that last one especially, with just a couple of splashes of colour alerting you to the fact that it really did look exactly like that.
  3. Seven

    Seven ..or eight

    The thing I don't get is why a lot think snow is bleak! I've been praying our flurries in the South would come to something :(

    Unsure if I'm supposed to be able to say I like the images posted in this new EL but anyhow the 1st and 4th I do :)

    Great story I often like to tie a load of images together telling the tale of my day :)
  4. CircleOfConfusion

    CircleOfConfusion Well-Known Member

    well the truth is the snow has been up on the tops of the mountains for the last week or so (few day ago), I just got it in my head that it would be easier if I didnt have to hike all the way to the top :D

    I love the snow too! I was just hoping to get some before March and it was great to see all the kids (and adults) out enjoying themselves in the snow.
    I think you are allowed to say if you like images, just not allowed to say you dont like them :D

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