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Discussion in 'Canon Conflab' started by colin fosker, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. colin fosker

    colin fosker Active Member

    I am due to fly to Borneo in two weeks and usually shoot with a 5div but want another body to use with my 100/400ii. Would you buy a low shutter count second hand 7dii from a shop or a new 7dii for a similar price as a grey import? Both have similar warranties.
  2. lisadb

    lisadb Well-Known Member

    Just watched a Fake Britain programme about photographers buying cheaper cameras on-line - thing was when they tried to get them repaired under warranty by Canon or Nikon they found the camera serial number had been changed and any warranty was invalid. So you make your choice and take the risk !o_O
  3. Scphoto

    Scphoto Well-Known Member

    With a dodgy grey import you can run the risk of not being able to prove VAT/Duty has been paid when you return from abroad. Assuming customs have any staff of course. Check out MPB.com if you're looking at 2nd hand as they normally have a decent amount of stock.
  4. EightBitTony

    EightBitTony Well-Known Member

    Without commenting on the grey market stuff - I would have no issue buying a second hand body (and have done so), as long as it's from a reputable supplier. You can also I presume, go in and try it and make sure you like it, where-as I assume the grey import is on-line.
  5. colin fosker

    colin fosker Active Member

    Fair comments relating to grey imports I would only purchase from one such company with DR in the title. There are plenty of used 7dii available in the UK at the moment as I imagine Canon are due to release a iii version very soon, unfortunately I just do not have the time to wait.
  6. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    Personally I'd give the grey import a miss and only buy s/h from a trusted source and with guarantee. Because of its purpose a s/h 7Dii is more likely to have had hard use then many other cameras.
  7. colin fosker

    colin fosker Active Member

    One of the reasons I was thinking of a grey import is that you can never tell how the item was treated prior to sale second hand and I wonder how in depth the inspection of a second hand body is. Do they check things like sensor or mirror is aligned, ma is in required tolerances to still be adjustable, focus performance etc.

    I remember a friend buying a 24-105 from ebay and the lens was not working correctly, he was lucky and got the seller to pay for the repair but the seller must have been aware of the issue, when he sold it.
  8. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    It's up to you.

    Buying genuine UK stock through the distribution system pays for the service network and warranty. Buying from a camera shop means there is a chance that the place on the highstreet where you can go in and ask "Can I have a look at a 7Dii?", will survive a little longer.

    Similarly buying used items of value sight unseen strikes me as plain stupid, though many do and an increasingly large number have no choice. It is a benefit of having a camera shop that you can inspect s/h goods before you buy and get a warranty. It might mean waiting for a "good one" but that's the nature of the beast.

    You can save a bit if you buy an independently imported and tax paid model from a company that gives an insurance backed warranty in case it needs fixing.

    Many grey imports achieve low prices by not paying VAT, making it incumbent on you to tell HMRC and pay the 20%.
  9. nimbus

    nimbus Well-Known Member

    The reality with Ebay is that if a case is opened against a seller for a faulty item where the defect has not been declared, either unknowingly or wantonly, that the buyer will be refunded. The bulk of sellers will deal with issues without recourse to opening a case, no sensible seller likes to receive negative feedback, mind some buyers deserve it.
  10. Roger_Provins

    Roger_Provins Well-Known Member

    My advice is that it's usually best to first approach the seller through his own email (which you'll have on the PayPal receipt). Only go through the eBay resolution process as a last resort.
  11. Bazarchie

    Bazarchie Well-Known Member

    I have not used eBay for a few years, but I thought this was against the rules?
  12. Roger_Provins

    Roger_Provins Well-Known Member

    No, not at all, I'm talking about after the sale has been made and paid for in the normal manner but you wish to query the seller for some reason. eBay even advise you to try work things out between yourselves before going down the official route. Why do you think they would object to this?
  13. Andrew Flannigan

    Andrew Flannigan Well-Known Member

    If I recall correctly you need to contact a vendor through the ebay system to ensure all discussions are taken into account in the resolution process. I haven't bought anything through ebay for a while and it's several years since I had a dispute so I might be out of date.
  14. willie45

    willie45 Well-Known Member

    I don't like Ebay, and try to avoid it.

    Sometimes I buy grey imports as the saving is worth the risk to me. It's hard to argue against spending an extra £50 to get a new camera with a 3 year warranty, rather than a used one from Ebay or a shop with either nothing or a 6 month warranty. I'd have no problem with grey imports from a reputable dealer. I know others have views.

    Grey imports from HDEW are safe I'd say. They use Canon authorised repair centres ( AJ Johnstone in Glasgow, I believe ) and last I remember gave a 3 year guarantee with cameras. I do feel safer from WEX as they ( mainly) know what they're talking about and give great after - sales support.

    My caveat. I would only ask a company for advice or help about a product if I gave them (or had given them) sufficient custom and intended to in the future to make me feel comfortable doing that. Sometimes I end up buying the product I'm asking about elsewhere but I feel happy knowing I've already spent £1.000s with them and will spend again. I suppose on the ethics thing we had a similar discussion about the big warehouses and online retailers ( Amazon, WEX etc ) a few years ago that we are now having about grey imports.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2018
  15. colin fosker

    colin fosker Active Member

    I wonder how many people have bought a second hand camera, that could be a grey import without even knowing. The price is £50 difference between a grey import and a second hand unit of unknown treatment. I did email MPB what they do optically to prove the lens and the reply was 'Everything on our site has been tested and checked for functionality by our specialist team. as previously noted we advise to check the cosmetic condition of the equipment and listing condition, as this gives a fairly accurate indication of the overall use' To me this says they put a lens on and see if it works. I tried to call MPB to find out more information and waited on hold for 11 minutes for it to switch to an answerphone and they will call me back.
  16. willie45

    willie45 Well-Known Member

  17. nimbus

    nimbus Well-Known Member

    Absolutely, most will deal with matters without recourse to opening a case. I recently received two defective items, one seller accepted return and refunded quickly, the other was difficult and I opened (and won) a case, the latter resulted in negative feedback being left, which no sensible seller really wants.
  18. colin fosker

    colin fosker Active Member

    Hi Willie, Not having posted before I did not know if it was ok to name companies but someone else mentioned MPB so I guessed it was ok.
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  19. Benchista

    Benchista Which Tyler

    No problem whatsoever mentioning companies so long as you're not in any way paid to do it. (including being an employee). :)
  20. willie45

    willie45 Well-Known Member

    I was just curious. I wondered if it was something to do with grey import companies or something :)

    Welcome to the forum BTW :)

    I very recently got a 7d mk2 and I eventually bought it from HDEW because it was as cheap as a 2nd hand camera.I've been very happy with mine in the short time I've had it.

    I normally buy from WEX and their used stuff comes with a year warranty which is pretty good and I trust them to do the right thing.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2018

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