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120 vs 35mm Amateur

Discussion in 'General Equipment Chat & Advice' started by Joel, Mar 22, 2000.

  1. Joel

    Joel New Member

    I have £1000 to spend on used equipment, but don't know what format to choose.
    Here's my predicament:

    I currently have a Mamiya C220 and Pentax SF7! I am chucking out the Pentax as I can no longer rely on its metering and low quality 28-80 lens. The Mamiya is frustrating to use as it's a TLR, making using filters virtually impossible. I find the Mamiya is great for taking pictures of people since it is unintimidating. The pictures from the 120 film are pin sharp too (but that also means focusing has to be v. accurate).

    I generally take pictures outdoors, some including people, and never in a studio. I do enlarge to A3 size occassionaly. I want pictures that are sharp, and well exposed. I travel all over the world, and am wary of buying something that someone will rip from my neck the moment they see it.

    What kind of camera would you suggest I buy? A decent 35mm SLR with good zoom lenses, or a medium format with a standard & telephoto lens and metering prism? The kit needs to be convenient to use.

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