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£700 to spend....but what D-SLR to buy?

Discussion in 'General Equipment Chat & Advice' started by jynormous, Aug 23, 2007.


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  1. jynormous

    jynormous New Member

    Hi guys.

    It is my birthday on Monday and i have been thinking of treating myself with a new D-SLR. I have £700 to spend but I can’t work out what i want.

    After a long search and lots of reading, i have narrowed it down to two cameras:
    1 - Olympus E-510 with the dual lens kit.
    2 - Nikon D80 with the single lens.

    I will be using this camera to travel around the world with but i also want to make sure the lenses will fit any new models i buy down the track.

    any advice on what camera you think i should get and why, would be greatly valued. Also, i you think i have left a model out, please suggest it and state your reasons.

    Thanks everyone.
  2. Barney

    Barney Well-Known Member

    Work it out yourself I'm afraid. You've narrowed the choice down to two so just go to a camera shop and try them out. I think they're both different enough in body shape and size that you'll soon be able to tell which one feels rights for you. Once you've done that you have your answer.
  3. fabs

    fabs Well-Known Member

    What he said!
  4. Zou

    Zou Well-Known Member

    Pentax K10D - way better than both of the ones on your list, and nicely priced with a very good lens (16-45). SRS Microsystems, Watford

    It's dust/weather sealed, has antishake built in, and works with a huge range of lenses. I've just bought its little brother, the K100D, and find that it is 95% of what a D70 can do, and in many ways is better, so I would expect the K10D to trounce the D80 in real terms.
  5. Barney

    Barney Well-Known Member

    So your initial proclaimation isn't based on experience then?

    The OP's asked a simply question which only required a simple answer not hypotheses based on two completely separate models!
  6. Zou

    Zou Well-Known Member

    But I'm a fully paid up Pentax fanboy, still in my honeymoon period with my new toy! :D

    I've had a play with the K10D... just couldn't afford it. I just think that the OP would be foolish to eliminate the Pentax without trying it out.
  7. PhilW

    PhilW Well-Known Member

    To be pedantic, the OP did include an "other" category on his vote, so the K10D suggestion s probably allowed :p
  8. ChrisBrookes

    ChrisBrookes Well-Known Member

    I said other , but it rather depends on your own experience and how much you know about photography . I have a canon 30d which I like very much, but for travelling around the 30d may be a little heavy, but its sturdyness is reassuring ! I feel much more confident with the 30d than the KM dynax or sony ! And theres lots of issues to travelling depending on where you are going and the facilities there !
  9. john_g

    john_g Well-Known Member

    I've got the Samsung GX-10 which is all but identical to the Pentax K10D, and I can absolutely recommend it. Maybe you should have a look at one?

    But the Olympus and Nikon are so different that I'm surprised you feel the need to ask for people's advice. I'm sure handling them both would clarify things for you - it's not as if you are trying to choose between two cameras that are alike.
  10. seawolf

    seawolf Well-Known Member

    I am no expert but I have just brought the canon 400d, 1st impresions are "what a great bit of kit". I got a kit with the bog standard EFS 18-55mm Lens and a Tamron 55-200mm f/4-5.6 Di II LD len.

    The only thing I can add is read up on the differant ones and go and see how they feel down the local camara shop.
  11. Barney

    Barney Well-Known Member

    Ture, but in these types of circumstances once someone has to their mind narrowed down the choice, adding further choices isn't really going to help matters. I don't want to put words into the OP's typing fingers here, but I would presume that they've done enough research to get the choices down to two. Adding more hats into the ring tends to just add further confusion.

    At the end of the day, you'll get vastly different answers to the same question depending on who you ask. All we can do if offer as impartial advice as possible. I'm a Nikon user but would recommend a Nikon over another camera simply because to my mind handling is so important. Nikons work for me best, others find Canons seem to fit their requirements better. For a Nikon, Canon, Olympus or Pentax fan to say that their favourite brand will outclass another camera simply out of brand loyalty and not experience is useless advice. IMHO.
  12. Zou

    Zou Well-Known Member

    If it counts for anything, I have switched to Pentax from Nikon, as for me the P works better than the N. I never did get on with C.
  13. liamjames91

    liamjames91 Well-Known Member

    nikon d80, cos ive got one and absolutely love it, my photography has come on leaps and bounds since i got it IMO, although i would suggest going and holding a few dslr's have a look at the samsung gx10, identical to the pentax k10d, excellent camera and if you can bear to have samsung written on it instead of pentax you can get it a fair bit cheaper.:)
  14. Burgy

    Burgy In the Stop Bath

    Seeing as you have narrowed it down to one of two cameras, I would suggest that you go for the one that fullfils your requirements plus these additional factors:

    One which feels best in your hands
    which one has the widest system accessories
    Which one has the best support for legacy lenses
    Which one is most likely to still be trading in a few years
    Which one is likely to garner greater support from Adobe etc in the future
    Which one has a definate upgrade path (assuming that you want to upgrade in future)
    Which one is at the leading (or bleeding edge of technology)
    Which one is used by most professionals (may answer many of the previous questions)

    I am a Canon user and have been since 1980, yet even I would sooner recommend the Nikon over anything from Pentax, Olympus, Fuji, Minolta or any other clones.

    Nikon or Canon I feel are still the only way forward.
  15. ChrisBrookes

    ChrisBrookes Well-Known Member

    I agree with the above I wish I had bought Canon or Nikon when I first bought a Minolta 35mm slr, as finding accessories and compatible third party goods has always been a nightmare.Having switched to Canon I know that when I go down to london next month if I were to win the lottery before then , I could go on a massive spending spree and go in to shops and buy stuff they have in stock !! Instead of "sorry we don't keep minolta in stock, we have to order it !" Part of me feels sorry for the little guy, but you can't argue against the support that is available for the big two camera manufacturers !
  16. Dom_Rivers

    Dom_Rivers Well-Known Member

    The Canon upgrade path from the lower end models is murky indeed though, if you've spent out £350-£500 on a camera with a kit lens it's a bit rich to supply it with such a shabby one and then expect the owner to cough up more than they paid for the camera in the first place to get anything better that starts decently wide (last time I looked the 17-85is was the logical upgrade walk around lens). Nikon, however, have three lenses in the sub £200 17/18mm zoom category. Canon's thinking on this has always perturbed me a bit, I reckon Sigma are loving it though, the 17-70 is a perfect solution for the less well heeled 350/400D owners out there.
  17. alanS

    alanS Well-Known Member

    "the 17-70 is a perfect solution for the less well heeled 350/400D owners out there."

    From what I've seen comparisons can be made regardless of cost, although the Sigma (and other lenses that stand comparison) doesn't have USM and IS and that has to account for some of the price difference.
  18. Cyberdux

    Cyberdux Well-Known Member

    If you get it from online (I.E : ebay shop based in hong kong) and you get the better supplier that offers VAT back, then you could pick up a camera cheaper than the £700 you've got and could pick another lens up or some more gadgets (or even more money to spend on your holiday!!)

  19. Dom_Rivers

    Dom_Rivers Well-Known Member

    Errn...yees, that's the point I was making, Canon don't make a decent range of lenses starting at a DSLR friendly 17 or 18mm that are priced to appeal to people who initially choose a 350 or 400D, ie people for whom photography is a second hobby or don't have £500.00 to spend on a lens,hell, perhaps everyone who buys one does do so in the knowledge that their next lens will probably cost them £500. What do I know.
  20. johnelvy

    johnelvy Well-Known Member

    Dom_Rivers makes a fair point - I have a 300D and I am finding it very hard to justify any lens upgrade because I certainly cannot justify spending many £100s on new lenses as much as I would like to. I particularly like the blurred backgrounds provided by large aperture lenses and would also love IS on all my lenses but neither are cheap.

    As for the question at hand I would try them both for size. Many times I have decided on a purchase 'on paper' only to think differently when I try it in the shop.

    Whatever you choose don't feel that you have to rush in. Give it plenty of thought and weigh up all the pros and cons in your own mind before parting with the cash. I have made quick photography purchases in the past and have sometimes ended up regretting it.

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