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£500 budget and need help

Discussion in 'General Equipment Chat & Advice' started by Crowsfeet, Jul 23, 2006.

  1. Crowsfeet

    Crowsfeet New Member

    Hi peeps, I have a MAXIMUM budget of £500 and need some help. I know what I want from a camera but don't know what camera to buy !!! the main usage will be of family and pets but I also want a camera with a very powerfull zoom and which is capeable of taking shots of fast moving objects such as race track shots of cars and motorbikes. It needs to be a digital camera, but I don't want to just "point and shoot" I want to be in control of the focusing etc etc. So then, I assume I will need an SLR with a powerfull lens and which takes multiple frames per second ????? I would also consider spending the £500 on a decent second hand setup if I need to do that in order to get the correct one.
    Thanks for the millions of replys in advance.

    Geoff. :cool:
  2. AJUK

    AJUK Well-Known Member

    You seem to describe a bridge camera, all though I would personally avoid that.
    D50 twin lens kit, I think might be in your budget, its more of a camera that can grow with you.
  3. PPY

    PPY Well-Known Member

    I will second to that, thats the sort of budget i have got when i was looking to get a camera, and i did went for a D50 with twin lens kit, very please with the result of a D50.

    its defo a lot of camera for the price.
  4. Crowsfeet

    Crowsfeet New Member

    Any more info !!!!!!!!!!!! before I splash the cash ?? If I do but the D50, where's the best place to get a good deal.

    PS. Can someone please explain to me how a lenses magnification is worked in millimeteres, I can relate to the "10 x optical" but don't understand a 50mm - 200mm and so on ??
  5. Norman

    Norman Well-Known Member

    Have a look online at places like Warehouse Express to get an idea of prices then visit your local camera store and compare. You may find that places like Jessops are within a few pounds of the on-line price, particularly for dSLRs.

    Think of the millimeters as 'field of view' rather than 'magnification'. The shorter the the focal length (fewer mm) the wider the angle of view, the longer the focal length the narrower the field of view. Many bridge type cameras offer 10X zoom which means that the lens will go from say, 28mm to 280mm (35mm equivalent focal lengths). The 280 is 10X the 28. A 50mm focal length, as your example, on a dSLR will have the field of view of about the same as a 75mm on a 35mm camera.

    For dSLRs Wide Angle lenses would fall between 10mm and 24mm, Standard lens would be about 30mm, anything longer than 50mm would be classed as telephoto.
  6. Benchista

    Benchista Which Tyler

    Duplicate post in other board removed - please only post a question in one board - many thanks, Moderator.
  7. PPY

    PPY Well-Known Member

    www.dpreview.com will give a good review on each camera, at the end of the day i think its more to choose a camera that suit your need, and there is no point buying a top of the range pro camera if you are never going to use all the function.

    the D50 and D70 have a very similar spec, which both are more capible of taking very good photo with a lot of control and function, d50 will be a fraction of cost compare with D70, and this is what made me decide on the D50, otherwsie out of the d50 and d70 i would conside canon 350D

    one of the best deal i found so far

    nikon d50 + 18-55DX £382
    Nikon d50 + 18-55 + 55-200 £502
    from http://www.pixmania.co.uk

    there might be other company offering deals at the moment so i would look around on internet and shops to see

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