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£300 budget for a new camera - help/advice really appreciated.

Discussion in 'General Equipment Chat & Advice' started by Gazza_UK, Jul 9, 2006.

  1. Gazza_UK

    Gazza_UK New Member

    Hi there,

    Over the past few days I have been going bog eyed researching numerous digital cameras. From reviews on sites (including this one) to magazines... I eventually got it down to 6 models.

    Panasonic FX01
    Casio EX-Z850
    Casio EX-Z1000
    Canon Ixus 800IS
    Fuji Finepix F30
    Ricoh Caplio R4

    All the above have got many good reviews and all have different things to offer over the other. At first I was looking at either the Panasonic or Ricoh due to the wide angle 28mm and good macro. The Ricoh was nearly my final choice as it has a 7.1 optical zoom.

    However I had to ask myself what do I really want this camera for? The answer was... excellent pics with a good ISO rating.... as I will be taking many pics at night when I go to Florida again. The Fuji comes into its own with the ISO and is receiving very good reviews due to this factor alone. I will also be using it for general phots and pics for eBay.

    So I suppose I sort of looking to see what you guys think before I make a purchase... and if anyone already owns a Fuji F30 and what they think of it. But this is not final yet and any thoughts/advice are more than welcome.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. nspur

    nspur Well-Known Member

    If it's clean pics at ISO 400 and above, it's got to be the Fuji F30. Otherwise I'd say the Ricoh R4 (which is what I bought recently).

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