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Amateur Photographer

Violinist - Ken Mayled - Reader Profile - 15/3/14

Violinist - Ken Mayled - Reader Profile - 15/3/14 Pentax K-X, 18-125mm, 1/250sec at f/7.1, ISO 400 To see more of Ken’s images, visit ken-mayled.foliopic.com Do you want to see your pictures in print, share your photographic journey and experiences with other readers? Send up to ten low-resolution JPEGs and a short covering letter on an email titled ‘Reader Profile’ to appicturedesk@ipcmedia.com, or post a CD/DVD to Reader Profile at the usual address, and you could see your work published in AP

Violinist - Ken Mayled - Reader Profile - 15/3/14
Amateur Photographer, Mar 27, 2014