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Amateur Photographer

Tuscany - 41pts, Third place

Paul Whiting, Hampshire Canon EOS 5D 
Mark II, 70-200mm, 1/4sec at f/16 Paul was on holiday in Tuscany, Italy, and had gone off with the intention of capturing a sunset at this well-known location. Instead of dramatic reds, however, he was met with the drama of an impending storm. 'I didn't get the fiery colours I was after, but I did get these amazing clouds and the last sunlight just before the heavens opened.' Judges say, 'The fact that Paul didn't get a sunset shot makes this image of a well-known scene even more interesting. We love the sense of scale and range of tones. His decision to convert to black and white was a wise one.'

Tuscany - 41pts, Third place
Amateur Photographer, Apr 13, 2011