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Thataway, Herne Bay 2013 v2

Rotated, cropped & quickly (clumsily?!) retouched version. Raises an important question: should 'Street' be retouched? The picture was gone a moment later, no chance to reposition myself & camera to lose the streetlight behind the man & move the background fencing in relation to the woman's head.

Thataway, Herne Bay 2013 v2
0lybacker, Jun 4, 2015
    • Catriona
      How did you feel about it? For me, the street light under the man's arm is best gone. The fence above the woman's head is irritating and I might have cloned it out. Has it got enough though? Not sure. Whereas the one of the woman sitting with the massive headgearobscuring her own head/ I love that one.
    • Catriona
      I was referring to Oops a Daisy! I didn't mind that the horizon was off either. :)Kate
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    Jun 4, 2015
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