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Amateur Photographer

Thai kick boxer - 39pts, Third place

James Standley, Dorset Nikon D3, 28-135mm, 1/160sec at f/5.6, ISO 400 James says, ‘I spotted this Thai kick boxer in between rounds three and four at a local event. These guys live and breathe kick boxing, and carry it out with great skill, discipline and composure. I own a Nikon D90, but was lucky enough to borrow a D3 for the night of this fight. It’s a superb camera, used with a very soft lens.’ Judges say, 'James’s image boasts plenty of drama and atmosphere, and one wonders if he would have been able to get this shot without the D3 given the apparent low light. The skin tones are wonderful, and his lower angle of view makes this image all the more interesting.'

Thai kick boxer - 39pts, Third place
Amateur Photographer, Apr 15, 2011