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Amateur Photographer

Tennis court - 40pts, Second place

Mirela Bogdan, London Canon EOS 450D, 18-55mm, 1/3200sec Mirela says she loves experimenting with angles, light, shade and reflections, and her ethos is that beauty is very often right in front of you if you look closely. This is a small tennis and basketball court that she passes everyday on her way to work. 'The light and emptiness of the place caught my attention one morning, and I felt compelled to freeze this moment,' Mirela says. 'The surrounding fence really contributed to the mood because of its geometric shape.' Mirela took several shots, but chose this version because she liked the light and tones. Later she converted it to sepia and increased the contrast Judges say, 'Mirela has captured a wonderful exposure and created a strong, graphic image. The light is fantastic, and this is a scene that most people would have ignored.'

Tennis court - 40pts, Second place
Amateur Photographer, Apr 13, 2011