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Amateur Photographer

Tate Modern - 45pts, First place

Hazem Lashin
, Essex Sony Alpha 200, 18-70mm, 1/500sec at f/10, ISO 100 ‘I took this image at the Tate Modern museum in London,’ says Hazem. ‘The light reflecting on the ground caught my eye. I took a few shots and thought it would be interesting to include a figure in the frame. I waited for a suitable subject and after about half an hour a little girl ran into the scene. To make her stand out I underexposed by 2 stops. For me, this photograph represents a dream of a little girl running in the narrow light to reach somewhere, not knowing what is awaiting her. It represents all of us, running towards what we think we want, not knowing what is waiting for us.’ Judges say, 'In his winning image, Hazem combines pattern, line and light brilliantly. The little girl adds a crucial human element and there is a wonderful sense of mystery.'

Tate Modern - 45pts, First place
Amateur Photographer, Apr 12, 2011