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Amateur Photographer

Sun - 39pts, Third place

Emily Wuetcher, Kentucky, United States Canon EOS 450D, 1/2500sec at f/1.4, ISO 200 Emily, who lives in Kentucky in the United States, makes a point of using only natural light in her photography so the majority of her shooting takes place a few hours prior to sunset. People framed by warm, golden skies are some of her favourite images to take and 'always create beautiful, magical photos.' For this image, Emily shot straight into the sun, filling her frame with atmospheric light that creates a soft halo around her subject. Judges say, 'Emily has created a stunningly atmospheric image, which wasn't easy to do. She showed great skill by shooting directly into the sun to capture this interesting take on this round's theme.'

Sun - 39pts, Third place
Amateur Photographer, Apr 13, 2011