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Amateur Photographer

Spoon and fork - 37pt. First place

David Meredith, Warwickshire Sony Alpha 700, 105mm, 3.2secs at f/25, ISO 200 David was looking on photo websites when he saw a similar picture to his winning image and thought he could do it better. With only window light behind him, David chose several pencils in bold colours and laid them out. Next he placed a spoon and a fork on top and hung some black cloth behind his arrangement. Finally, he put an extra bit of cloth in the foreground to obscure the pencils slightly and make them less recognisable. ‘I wanted a slightly different look to other pictures like this,’ he says, ‘and the primary colours seemed to really jump off the black surroundings.’ Judges say 'David has consistently submitted creative and technically superb images all-year long, and this is perhaps his finest yet. The colours and reflections are superb, and he has created an interesting abstract in that he has given us recognisable shapes but made us look at them in new ways. Very well done.'

Spoon and fork - 37pt. First place
Amateur Photographer, May 16, 2011