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Amateur Photographer

Splashing - 45pts, First place

Simonas Valatka, Lithuania Canon EOS 400D, 17-70mm, 1/2000sec at f/4.5, ISO 200 Simonas says he is not a big fan of swimming in cold water, but his ten-year-old son loves it. So one day he decided to take his camera when accompanying his son on one of his countless summer ‘jumping and splashing sessions’. ‘It turned out to be a lot of fun for both of us,’ Simonas says. ‘Testing different shooting angles, I ended up sitting in the lake with the water up to my neck. My camera was almost touching the water. Shooting as wide as possible at 17mm, combined with my low position, opened up a really unusual perspective of my son.’ Simonas says he used a circular polarising filter to darken the sky and even out the exposure. Judges say 'This is a stunning photograph in so many respects. The unusual perspective speaks for itself. Who has ever seen a subject like this from such an angle? The range of tones is equally striking – the bright light on the closest leg is a stark contrast to the shadows on the other leg and gives this image great depth. We also love the water droplets falling from his son’s foot.'

Splashing - 45pts, First place
Amateur Photographer, May 17, 2011