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Amateur Photographer

Snail Reflection by Jackie Tighe - 25 October 2014

Snail Reflection by Jackie Tighe Olympus E-5, 50mm, 1/2500sec at f/2, ISO 200 This beautiful macro image, taken by Jackie Tighe, was uploaded to our AP Flickr page. You can see more of Jackie’s work on her own Flickr page. Macro shots of insects is a recurring subject, and as you can see from this shot it’s a technique she is now confident in tackling. ‘I have been interested in macro photography for some time now,’ says Jackie. ‘When I’m planning a shoot I always look for the unusual or even set up the shot to create the unusual. Although the snail is not one of the world’s prettiest creatures, it is an absolutely fascinating subject for macro photography. ‘I took this shot late in the afternoon as the sun was getting lower in the sky, thus creating a nice light on the water. I held the stem with the snail on over the water to create a symmetrical effect, and took shots as the snail moved along. As with all my macro work, the camera was handheld. Very little processing took place, just some minor tweaking to the contrast and saturation in Photoshop Elements.’

Snail Reflection by Jackie Tighe - 25 October 2014
Amateur Photographer, Feb 18, 2015