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Amateur Photographer

Sicily - 37pts, Third place

Simona Bonanno, Messina, Italy Nikon D80, 18-35mm, 1/125sec at f/5.6 ‘When people think of Sicily they imagine it is sunny all the time, but a lot of rain falls in Sicily that often causes landslides and disasters,’ says Simona. ‘A year ago a huge flood struck, killing many people. I feel the Italian government could have done more to help. When it rains, it is as if it is raining on man’s soul, leaving him alone in the glare of light. This is the mood I’m trying to portray in my image.’ Judges say, 'The blurred figure, misty setting and spindly branches help to create an intriguing, emotive atmosphere. In a similar way to Hazem’s image we can’t help but wonder where this person is going. The figure could equally represent humanity with all its strengths and flaws.'

Sicily - 37pts, Third place
Amateur Photographer, Apr 12, 2011