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Amateur Photographer

Shafts of light - Eduardo Marques, Portugal - Editors Choice 10/5/14

Shafts of light - Eduardo Marques, Portugal - Spotlight 10/5/14 Canon EOS 5D Mark III, 16-35mm, 0.4sec at f/16, ISO 100, polariser, ND grad To see more of his images, visit Eduardo’s website at www.eduardo-marques.net. Do you want to see your pictures in print and on this website? Take a look at our how to submit your images page http://apmag.co/rLGqD7 Eduardo has a great collection of images, but perhaps the most striking shot for me is his lovely forest scene. The shafts of early morning light bursting through the trees work really well to produce a beautifully tranquil shot – Phil Hall, features & technique editor

Shafts of light - Eduardo Marques, Portugal - Editors Choice 10/5/14
Amateur Photographer, Jul 14, 2014