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September Competition- "View From the Top"

September Competition- "View From the Top"
LesleySM, Sep 7, 2015
    • LesleySM
      OUCH! Can't see how to change the title- But here goes- IT should be called "As High as I can Get"= Top of the Bow Flyover - just got stuck in traffic - used my G16 and forgot it was in HDR mode
    • LesleySM
      Title changed
    • LesleySM
      Well I seem to have at least caused people to look closely! I don't drive myself and regard all cars as a tin can with wheels on that gets you from A to B I didn't even notice what brand of car it was for, I just rather liked the way the red seemed to stand out against the clouds- it's not processed at all just HDR with no flash
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    Monthly Forum Competition September 2015
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    Sep 7, 2015
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