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Amateur Photographer

Self portrait - 43pts, First Place

Sean Slevin, Wexford, Ireland Fujifilm FinePix S7000, 1/160sec at f/3 Sean shot this self-portrait simply because he was drawn to the light. ‘When I come across beautiful natural light, I just have to shoot something,’ he says. This picture was taken on a cloudy, overcast day in his own house, using only light from the window as his source of light. ‘There’s just something special about the way the light enters that room,’ he says. ‘I have returned to that same spot a number of times.’ Judges say 'Sean was a strong challenger for this year’s APOY title with his consistently beautiful, subtle images, and this shot is another wonderful picture. Delicate light, soft tones and the air of mystery around it make this picture wonderful, like all his others. We hope to see him back next year.'

Self portrait - 43pts, First Place
Amateur Photographer, May 17, 2011