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Amateur Photographer

Raindrop Tulip - 41pts, Second place

James Rowland, Kent Nikon D2Xs, 90mm macro,1/80sec at f/4, ISO 100 James, a 45-year-old graphic designer, has recently been making flower portraits ‘with a twist’. He brought this tulip into his conservatory just after a shower of rain. ‘I think the water drops really make the picture,’ he says. ‘I put a piece of coloured card behind the flower to add colour and remove distraction. Later he added a mask to give it a more textured look.' Judges say 'The colour is stunning, and the raindrops add interest to the petals. There are strong fine-art qualities to this very beautiful image.'

Raindrop Tulip - 41pts, Second place
Amateur Photographer, May 11, 2011