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Amateur Photographer

Phnom Penh’s city dump - 41pts, First place

Ed Babb, London Canon EOS 400D, 50mm, 1/1250sec at f/7.1, ISO 200 ‘To those living in Phnom Penh’s city dump in Cambodia, the smoke and black water is an everyday reality,’ says Ed. ‘Building tents and shacks in, on or around the perimeter of the landscape of junk, whole families live their entire lives here. This is their everyday environment. After seeing this, it made sense to me that people would prefer to work in a sweat shop.’ Judges say, 'Ed’s remarkable image could rank with some of the finest documentary photographers. The mist, the depth, the composition, the timeless nature of it all make this image captivating. It’s a remarkable achievement.'

Phnom Penh’s city dump - 41pts, First place
Amateur Photographer, Apr 15, 2011