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Not just a voice in the crowd

Not just a voice in the crowd
LesleySM, Jun 11, 2015
    • LesleySM
      Phew! Having typed the explanation and had the image turned down for sizing issues I waited until I got it loaded (next time I'll cut and paste into Word) "Barking and Dagenham Post" a couple of weeks back did carry a small article (page 4 I think) about the Village Blues club reunion at the Dagenham Roundhouse featuring the music of Martin Turner and Wishbone Ash. Well I was there and have about 30-40 shots of the night mostly of the band but this guy fascinated me- he sat at the front all night surrounded by loads of guys in jeans and mostly heavy metal t-shirts. But plainly a complete fan he hardly looked away from the stage and I just got this one shot almost by accident when he turned his head (possibly given how he was staring at the stage he may have been trying to avoid a crick in his neck) and oh well I like it The title is a reference to a Fish track if anyone's interested and I've realised I sent in the B&W version- whereas the colour one I preferred.... Oh well....I didn't think I'd get anything in for this month so here goes
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    Jun 11, 2015
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