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My Boys Lucky Penny...

My son gave me a lucky penny, and i havent submitted Danbo yet so here we are..

My Boys Lucky Penny...
hazzatori, Feb 19, 2015
    • hazzatori
      My idea behind this is, my son gave me what he considered to be sentimental, and thats his lucky penny, its only been lucky for about 3 days, but as per the brief i cannot swap it out, the Danbo's are trying to show the relationship between myself and my son, and that by using a ruler it can show the small things in life are what matter.
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      I like this. Angles are nice. Processing is nice too.

      Didn't realize Danbo had made it to the UK.
    • hazzatori
      Thx Yebisu, I have had my Danbo's for a couple of years now, but i think Amazon UK are selling them now, although i paid a lot more than they cost now..
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    Monthly Forum Competition February 2015
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    Feb 19, 2015
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