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Meet Katie, 25, and Harris, 92.

Meet Katie, left, a bubbly 25 year old born, bred and living in Lincolnshire, and her Cosmetic Surgeon Harris No9, right, a professional with over 90 years experience in the trade. Katie loves picnics and wearing custom knit-wear, however she is keen to point out she is no slave to style currently sporting this bespoke sky-blue outfit. She is described by those closest to her as a loyal, ever dependable friend who has been relied upon for cuddles and companionship for a quarter of a century, however if you look more closely to her picture, you can see tell-tale signs that this doll has not had an easy ride of it. "If you look closely at Katie in our portrait, the most obvious signs are the scars on her wrists and hands" Harris explained to us "Reconstructive surgery can be most apparently see in the fact her hands are a more pinky colour whereas her forearms are her original, beige colour. A clear sign of an imperfect fabric-graft, however this only is to be expected in an emergency." But that is not the end to Katies story, Harris went on "If we continue to follow these clues, from that pinky colour we can deduce her whole face has also received a graft, and there in the picture, the tell-tale give away, just below her left eye, our right in the picture, we can make out her original eye peaking though the fabric-graft." Astounding, well that is all the time we have for todays revealing portrait, join us next time for another fascinating insight. ------------- Please excuse my flight of fantasy there - I was kindly allowed to photograph my fiancées most treasured childhood toy, and i included my family heirloom sewing machine which i suspect to be from the 1920's but who knows could be from earlier. As my story above states, dolly Katie has had replacement hands and face sewn over the originals, as they had worn through, providing extended childhood companionship and going on to 25 years strong now and hopefully will continue to for many more years.

Meet Katie, 25, and Harris, 92.
Atavar, Feb 17, 2015
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      I like it. Nice interpretation of the theme and it makes me smile, which is always nice! :)Kate
    • Rating:
      Its a nice shot I like how the dolls eyes are looking in the right direction, but i think a smaller aperture for more DOF would of taken away that forced perspective look, the sewing machine is slightly out of focus, I think I would of preferred it all in focus.
    • Atavar
      Many thanks Kate, really good to know little Katie makes more than just my fiance smile :) --- Hazz, thank you for your interpretation on my competition entrant - I did take multiple images, the ones with everything in focus made the dolly appear to be on the same plane as the Harris number 9, and as such about 8ft tall which was not the effect I was after. I chose to baffle the eye a touch to encourage the viewer to see the machine as being in the background. I would appreciate your response in light of this new information. Many thanks.
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    Monthly Forum Competition February 2015
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    Feb 17, 2015
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